working womanThe decision to go back to work was a hard one. We went back and forth for a while trying to decide what I wanted to do exactly. Well, now that we have figured it out things around here are changing a lot.

I haven’t been blogging as much, but that will pick up real soon! It’s just been kind of nuts. I’m adjusting pretty well to all of this and I think I might actually like it. Yes, I said it, I think I like working.

I am on my own I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck and telling me how to do my job. I don’t really have anyone to answer to and I can set my own schedule. That makes a big difference when it comes to me getting out of bed. I don’t feel the pressure like I used to.

My kids are struggling a bit with the change. They are used to me always being home. Honestly, they don’t know what to do with themselves. We don’t have a robust selection of groceries because I’ve been to busy to stop at the store, and boy the kids are fussing about that too. Hey, this is going to take some getting used to.

My husband is hanging in there doing the best he can. I think it’s a slight adjustment for him too. I don’t think he had a full appreciation for everything I had to do until he had to start doing some of it. It’s good for him though, he should need to see, feel, and understand how much I do on my own. He does help with things, I’m just saying I don’t think he has a full understanding of how much I do.

He came out with a statement the other day, “hey, the baseboards aren’t as dirty in this house as they were in the last house!”

Hmm. Well, maybe that is because I can actually dust them easier here. They surely don’t dust themselves. Granted, the house has a bit less dust, but the clean baseboards are from my cleaning. It’s certainly not magic.

Anyway, I guess what I have to say about all this is I enjoy getting out of the house. I like dressing up, putting on my high heels and my cute clothes, fixing my hair and make-up, and having a reason to leave the house.

I feel – great.

I also have been enjoying the effexor. Maybe that has a little to do with it too.

The true test will be in 3 months. It always lasts about 3 months. Where will I be? Hopefully I will still be working, and  will still be doing well.

Working woman photo available from Shutterstock