bipolar momIn a previous post I ranted about how horrible Time Warner Cable has been to me. Well, the problem I had is still going on and this morning I completely lost it. While dealing with a full blown panic and anxiety attack, anger through the roof and frustration that I could not contain I called them – again.

I have spent countless hours on the phone with them over the last two months trying to resolve an issue. This is how all of this mess started. They drafted (through auto-pay) nearly $300 from my bank account without warning 3 days after having my cable installed in our new home.

Here is what happened, a short version of the story.

They were supposed to install my cable on Aug 24. They failed to call or show up for this appointment. The “no-call no-show” appointments happened two more times before an installer finally showed up at 8 pm on a  Sunday night.

For this installation they ended up charging us $180. We were unaware we were even being charged such an outrageous installation charge before they deducted it from my checking account without any notice, along with my regular monthly bill, only three days after the installation!

So I had called them obviously all bipolar and freaking out. I felt like they had just robbed me. I was blindsided, irate, and completely irrational. I know this was wrong, but it was my right to be pissed! Mess with my money and a rational state of mind is not what you will find.

Anyway, after talking to the supervisor she agreed to refund the amount they drafted and credit my account for the entire month. After countless phone calls and proof funds had been taken from us, we still never got the refund. Finally after about a month the issue was resolved. It took 8 phone calls, at least 12 hours on the phone and a whole lot of yelling before this even happened.

By the time it was all said and done I was a wreck. I had been lied to, cheated, stolen from, and misled. It was horrible. I still feel incredibly anxious and pissed off just thinking about it!

Well, I checked my next bill and what do I see? They charged back the amount they refunded me! Here we go, another $285 cable bill!

What the….

I call again and talked to another supervisor who tells me that basically, they sent me a refund but there was no “account credit” so now I was being charged the entire refund amount.

Obviously I flip my lid again. It was not pretty, not even by a small stretch of the imagination. Not even a little bit. I mean, the colorful words that came out of my mouth could have covered the sky in a rainbow.

So she goes through the account and looks at everything and sees one little note where the account was supposed to be credited the entire bill amonut in addition to the refund. This did not happen.

The supervisor then tells me she will process the credits and call me back with a corrected bill amount. At this point I decide to set up auto-pay on the credit card. At least if they rip me off it’s not with my hard earned cash right? Yeah, sure.

Finally she calls me back informing me my bill had been corrected and my next bill would draft the $94 it is supposed to.

I have been ripped off again! They debited another $230 from our credit card this month after assuring me the bill had been corrected.

I am shaking right now I am so angry. I just can’t deal with this kind of crap! It’s entirely too much. There comes a point when things are really just too much to handle. I am at that point right now and I just cant take it.

This morning I called back and spent yet another hour on the phone. I ask for a supervisor, I get “supervisor support” instead. I state “are you a supervisor’ she says “well, I have supervisor capabilities” I screamed at her that I needed a real supervisor! She transferred me and again I am promised a bill credit for the amount I was supposed to be credited two months ago!

I am tempted to get some paperwork and take them to court for this severe emotional distress they have inflicted on me and for the countless hours I have spent on the phone and for the lying, cheating, and stealing they have done.

This company should NOT be able to get away with this so easily! It appears people have just said the right things to get the irate customer off the phone and have not followed through with their promises, allowing me to be the next associates problem.

I can’t even function this morning I am so angry. What kind of world am I living in? I think it’s time for some ativan and maybe a hot bath because I just cannot calm down!

Angry woman on the phone photo available from Shutterstock