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I May Be Bipolar, But I Still Have Plenty of Compassion!

bipolar compassionSo two weeks ago I wrote about my crazy ordeal and the chaos around moving into my new home. In that post I talked about my wedding set being stolen. This was a $3500 diamond set, 1.6 carats, beautiful. The center stone was my moms, she had given me her ring when I got married and my husband had it placed in a new setting for me.

Needless to say this ring not only has sentimental value in being my wedding set, the center stone was my mom’s. She was pretty upset that I had lost it, but we had to find a way to move past it. I was going to get a new ring, everything was fine. I was doing okay with it.

I still missed my ring.

Well, it has been recovered and the way it was recovered is amazing. The only thing I can be certain of, it was divine intervention. God led me to my ring. Now I am questioning whether or not to press charges against the kid who stole it from my home.

Here is what happened: I had forgotten something at one store, crossed the highway and made a quick turn to stop at another store. Walking into the grocery store I was walking past a thrift store. I had never been in and felt like I needed to go in and check it out. I was walking around, walked past the jewelry counter and BAM! There was my ring, sitting in the case, beautifully waiting for me to come in and get it. Wow, just….wow.

I instantly had a full blown anxiety attack and screamed “that’s my ring!!” The guy came over to the counter with his mouth hanging open. He was very, very confused.

I pulled up a photo of my ring and showed the gentleman and he nodded and said “yep, that’s your ring!” I called the sheriff and they came and recovered it. The biggest question of all was who stole it?

When they pulled up the sales record, the guy who had bought the ring remembered clearly two teenagers coming in with the ring and not having identification. They require ID every time someone sells a piece of jewelry, so the kids went outside and got a homeless guy to go in and sell it.

So in asking for a description of the teenagers I knew in my gut it was one of my son’s friends, but was praying it wasn’t one of his closest friends. My heart ached at the thought of some kid coming into my home and taking something that means so much to me. I felt violated in so many ways. I already have issues with people in my home; this just magnified those problems I already deal with.

Then, the guy behind the counter looks at me and says, “Oh! He drives a moped!” He had noticed a helmet and asked him if he drove a bike, the kid told him no, he drove a moped. Bingo! I knew exactly who it was.

It was not one of my son’s closest friends, it was a neighborhood kid. This kid had come over to my house and was helping us with moving stuff around so we could be better prepared for our move.

Well, now this kid is begging my son for my forgiveness. Apparently he is being charged with felony theft – as an adult.

I really have no desire to see this kids life ruined. I have a kid of my own and would want someone to have some compassion with him if he did something really stupid. I can’t say for sure whether or not this young man had a clear understanding that he was committing a felony. He is 17, he most certainly knew better than to steal my rings. However, I do not feel he should have to go to jail for it at his age.

I am so torn. My heart aches for this kid. What was so bad that he had to steal my ring, my $3500 wedding set, and sell it for $200? I really wish I knew. I wish I could understand what would drive him to make such a bad decision but I don’t have those answers.

I posted to my friends on Facebook to see if I was being a little too “soft” in all of this. I am known for being a pushover, too sensitive, too giving and caring, sometimes a little too kind. Yeah I know, bipolar and sweet? Right, anyway, those are my best traits and I am proud of them. Right now it is making this decision incredibly hard.

I am just glad to have my rings back. They are back on my hand where they will stay, forever. It was a lesson learned for me, and I want it to be a lesson for him also.

I would like to ask the DA to drop it to a misdemeanor and maybe give him some probation. Make him pay back the pawn shop and give me a formal face to face apology. I also want him to do community service, not just any community service, but something that is terrible and boring.

If he were to “work” at minimum wage to pay for the value of the ring, it would take 480 hours for him to pay for it. So I would like to also request that he be required to complete that much community service.

Am I being too soft? I can’t ruin this kid’s whole entire life. Stealing my ring was a terrible thing to do, but honestly I could not live with it. I know it is his fault, he stole it and he pawned it, but it will take a long time for me to be able to sleep at night if this kid ends up in jail.

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I May Be Bipolar, But I Still Have Plenty of Compassion!


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