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I Got A Job Offer From Someone Who Knows All My Issues! Whoa!

bipolar at workI have so many issues with so many situations that I can’t even keep up with them. There aren’t very many people who know about them all because I am pretty private with those not closest to me. Plenty of people know I struggle with Bipolar, but they don’t know the darker side of it.

Well, I was talking to my old landlady who was also my realtor, about my desire to possibly get my real estate license and start trying to work. At least that way I won’t have anyone “bossing” me around so to speak. I’m great with people, just not with overhead. With that said, she almost immediately offered me a job in her office. I was shocked.

I’ve known her for over 2 years and she’s been there for me through some harder times. I’ve been leery of her on occasion but I have also been open with her when it comes to certain situations. When I asked her to be my realtor she gladly accepted the challenge and helped me in so many ways throughout our home buying experience.

Here is why she feels like she wants me to work with her.

First I took really good care of her house for over two years. To me, I was living there. To her, I was incredible! I guess all of her tenants have destroyed her houses in a year (sometimes less) and to have someone in there for two years leave it “move in ready” really blew her mind. When it came time to do the walkthrough, she was thrilled. The only thing she needed to do was clean carpets. That was expected though after two years and four kids!

She said that told her a lot about my character. Well, glad to know someone thinks I’m a pretty good person. That felt great!

Second, she was blown away by how organized, detailed, and efficient I was with every request from my mortgage broker while working on our closing. Always, within hours, I had managed to gather anything and everything they asked for, in order, neatly together as requested and send it back to them. I did this for each and every request.

It gave her a glimpse into the neurotic side of my mental illness. She liked it.

Generally speaking, I’m not the most organized person; it’s very hard to keep track of everything when six people are involved but I do my best. She’s a very disorganized person and her business is suffering for it. She now needs my organizational (often neurotic) skills to get her back on track and help her grow her business. She is stuck and can’t keep up. I had no idea what I thought was “disorganized” was actually a normal persons idea of extremely neurotic and organized.

Apparently, she’s tried very hard to get someone in her office that can keep up with her. She also has a hard time giving orders constantly and she needs someone self-motivated. I don’t like someone holding my hand and breathing down my neck, so I think it may be a good fit.

She’s been looking and interviewing for a while now and has not found anyone who’s a good fit for both her and her company, but she thinks I am. I’m thrilled! To feel like I can complement her and her business is the biggest compliment I’ve had in a long time.

She knows my issues, she knows some days I can’t get out of bed and some days I’m running around like a rat on crack. The best thing about her already knowing is that she knows what she’s dealing with ahead of time and it won’t backfire.

It’s been over two and a half years since I’ve worked. I feel some serious anxiety over the thought of not being home. We’re going to start small, maybe 10 hours a week at first and see how it works. She wants me there so bad that she will do anything to ease me into the position.

I can’t believe someone who knows all of my problems has offered me a job! I never thought I’d be able to work again. This is so exciting! Now we just have to see if it lasts.

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I Got A Job Offer From Someone Who Knows All My Issues! Whoa!


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