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My Disability Nightmare Continues: I Think I Should Sue Metlife!

disability headachesIt’s no secret that filing for SSDI and waiting through all the appeals and steps is not easy. I could not find an attorney to help me so I went through all the appeals on my own until I finally received a date for my SSDI hearing before an administrative law judge.

Once I reached this point, I was able to find an attorney to represent me for the hearing. I already voiced my opinion that this guy screwed me over more than once, and managed to make six thousand dollars by typing up a summary and showing up to the hearing. It really gets under my skin, but oh well, there is nothing I can do about it.

Once I went to my hearing I received a bench decision. It took them two months just to issue me an award letter. During this time, Metlife hounded and harassed me for the award letter. I was getting calls weekly asking where my benefits were, where my letter was, where my backpay was, etc., because I owed them an “overpayment” from the SSDI backpay.

Okay, I get it, but if I don’t have that information, I cannot provide it to them!

So after dealing with their harassment for the past four months — yes, FOUR months of harassing — they have cut off my “minimum monthly benefit” that I am entitled to because I have not paid the “overpayment” that I owe them.

What – the – hell?!

I am already stressed out beyond what anyone can imagine with all of this. Two and a half years of this crap has worn me down to nothing. I have anxiety attacks and panic attacks, get frustrated, get harassed and hounded, and all of it is beyond my control. My attorney even sent them a letter informing them that we are waiting for the SSDI back pay, and that they need to leave me alone. They won’t.

So now they are telling me I owe them all this money from the overpayment of benefits received from SSDI, and they have cut me off from the benefits they owe me based on my policy because I have not paid them money I haven’t received.

I am so ready to just say screw them and not send them a single penny. Why can’t people take into consideration the very clear and simple fact that I am on disability for mental conditions, and that they are hurting me tremendously? I wish there was something I could do to stop this, and to find a little bit of peace. I thought it was over. I was completely wrong.

I also requested a copy of my policy, which they refused. Apparently, since the policy is through my former employer, they cannot provide me with a copy of the policy and I have to request it from my employer. The problem here is I am no longer employed and aside from a basic summary of benefits which states how much I am entitled to receive, I cannot have access to any other information.

So, with the “overpayment” I owe the insurance company, they are supposed to deduct the amount I pay my attorney – this is not a big deal. However, now they are stating that the extra $1,100 that went to my attorney from my children’s benefits cannot be calculated into what is subtracted from the overpayment because my husband is the representative payee.

It is all just entirely too much for me to handle, and I am an absolute mess. I can’t take anymore. I can’t deal with this. It is abuse all across the board and I am fed up!

I wish there were someone out there to help me through this. I just cannot handle it anymore. Maybe it’s time to file a suit against Metlife.

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My Disability Nightmare Continues: I Think I Should Sue Metlife!


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