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Moving Hell: Coping With Autism Meltdowns, Bipolar, Anxiety and Four Kids

moving hellI don’t even know where to start, so I suppose I will start at the beginning. Before I get into the horrible weekend that I had, I will just say that I made it through in one piece and only threw one major fit. I would rather have not thrown any fits at all, but I only threw one fit. I gave myself an atta-girl on that one.

Our refrigerator was supposed to be delivered Friday night, they called to tell me it would be delivered Thursday night instead. That wouldn’t work because we weren’t in the house yet, so they moved it to Monday. Goodness, this wasn’t starting well.

Our furniture delivery was supposed to be late Friday. They called Friday morning at 10 AM — we don’t even have keys yet — to deliver the furniture. There was no way around it so we had to have it delivered to my aunt’s garage. So frustrating. Anyway, just a small problem.

We were so happy to sit down at the closing table. To finally be homeowners again was an incredible feeling. Everything lined up, the bank had the wire transfer ready, the attorney was ready to record the deed, the movers were on their way, everything was perfect.

Until it wasn’t.

Closing was at 2:00 PM. We were to have our keys by 5ish. This is where everything fell apart.

The little one had already lost his mind. He was spending time at my aunt’s because he could not handle the craziness in the house. He was tantruming and getting violent almost as soon as the movers arrived. My heart broke as I scooped him up and scurried over to my aunt’s. As soon as he got there, he calmed right down. I’m so glad I have her so close to us.

By 5:30 Friday evening, we had not had the call to get our keys yet, so my husband called to find out what was going on. Sitting behind our loaded U-Haul with 5 movers waiting and ready to go, we got the news. The deed has not been recorded and we will not have our keys until Monday morning.

I lost it. I began crying and hyperventilating. All of our things were on this 26 ft U-Haul. I didn’t even have a toothbrush or clean underwear. Yeah I know, I should have planned better, but still it was horrible. In my mind the only thing I could think of was the weekend of hell I would have with my children being displaced. I could foresee fighting between my husband and I, violent and aggressive Autism meltdowns from my toddler, and fighting amongst the other kids.

This was NOT something I could handle. Not at that moment.

My husband starts making calls and lighting people up. I talked to my agent as my husband was on the phone with everyone under the sun. Lots of calls were made and the owner of our finance company contacted the owner of the construction company and something that has never ever been done was done. We got our keys before the deed was recorded.

Thank goodness. We headed over to the house and unloaded. I realize at 10PM that our cable company never called or showed up to hook up our cable. I needed to blog so bad and I couldn’t. I had no time to even sit down and write about my ordeal, so I just keep on going.

My husband contacted the cable company, our no call, no show appointment was rescheduled to Saturday. No biggie. My little guy with Autism really needs his cartoons for his “unwind” time, so I was freaking a little but we had DVDs so it worked out okay. Well, that was another no call, no show appointment. I was getting pissed.

We begin to set up our furniture and get the kids’ furniture to put it together. Since it wasn’t delivered to the house, we had to put it together ourselves. We found out my daughter’s entire bedroom set, except for the dresser, was broken and needed to be replaced. We also found that our brand new reclining sofa has a broken recliner. Lovely!! They tell us it will all be replaced this coming Friday. My husband found out yesterday it is on back order and we won’t have it for two weeks.

Sunday we call Time Warner to get the installation straight, and they schedule yet another appointment to install our cable. We have yet another no call, no show appointment. My husband flipped his lid. He called and demanded they get here ASAP to install our cable. The guy shows up at 8:30 on Sunday night, I was up until 11:30 waiting for him to finish, but we finally had cable.

On Sunday we made it out to get our blinds. My dad always taught me to measure twice, cut once. Well, it helps to measure and count windows properly, because I ended up with two very expensive cut blinds I could not return. I was so upset.

I needed one 62″ and two 70″ blinds. I knew I needed the two blinds but the one could wait. The problem was I wrote it out, I wrote two 62″ and one 70″. After talking to them in tears at Home Depot, they agreed to return the cut blinds because they weren’t an odd cut and could be cut further. Whew. I felt like such an idiot!!

Then I took a trip over to my old house, remembering I had left my wedding set on the mantle. It was gone. I searched everywhere frantically, but it was nowhere to be found. It was gone. I was devastated. I can’t even function!

I am a creature of habit, and when my hand swells I usually place my ring safely on our high mantle, where it won’t get dropped or fall, and isn’t within anyone’s reach. I set it there under some papers. Someone has stolen my 1.5 carat wedding band set, which is not replaceable. Yes, I can get a new one, but it won’t be my wedding set. I called the police and filed a report, and found out it is unlikely to be found. I am heartbroken.

Monday morning they called to let me know the delivery for the fridge won’t be until Tuesday. Gah! Nothing is going right. This just can’t be happening. I have an old fridge in the garage but it isn’t nearly big enough to hold all our food. I just can’t win.

We ventured to Target last night. I always enjoy my visits to Target. I did not enjoy this one at all. I wanted to get in and out, and I rushed. I just can’t believe how everything ended up.

Now with my house somewhat put together, my kitchen stuff put away, I can see the counters.  Beds are made, everything seems to be coming together better. I have started the 10 loads of laundry I have to get done and things are getting done.

I actually sat down last night and allowed my aching feet to rest. It felt so good! Now, lets hope the week gets better!

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Moving Hell: Coping With Autism Meltdowns, Bipolar, Anxiety and Four Kids


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