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Metlife Can Kiss My …

bipolar momWell, after dealing with the continued harassment and abuse from Metlife, my husband and I have made a decision. I am not repaying them a single penny!

This can play out one of many ways, and any way it turns out we can handle. Here is the deal:

For all this long-term disability stuff, I had to fill out and sign a lot of paperwork just after being released from the hospital following an admission for several days due to suicidal/homicidal crap. I was heavily medicated and not in my right mind, at all, whatsoever. So, with that said, anything I signed is not legally binding considering my state of mind at the time.

They also knew by records they received that I had just been released from the hospital. This is good news.

Also, I am due a very small continued monthly benefit amount, which I really do not need. I would much rather have this lump sum available to me, especially with the move we have coming up in two (very short!) weeks.

So, they are sending me this bill for a few grand, and I am going to tell them to pound sand, and take it from any future benefits I may be entitled to. Apparently, I can do that. My best guess is they know that I can do that and I bet since they know, that is the very reason for all this harassment I am dealing with over sending in the money ASAP, “don’t spend it,” etc.

If they would have just left me alone, I wouldn’t be so darn bitter. Since they have made my life a living hell over the past two years just to keep the benefits, I am done with them. I don’t want to deal with it anymore. Every month or two they had me submitting additional proof of my disability, doctor’s records, everything. I felt extremely emotionally violated and paranoid that I would lose my benefits at any time. That is no way to live when I am trying to get better and more stable.

After talking to my Attorney, I learned something. They can hold any future benefits for me until the “back-pay” I owe them is paid up. If I go back to work before it’s all paid back, then they can bill me for whatever I owe them. Then if I don’t pay them, they can come after me for the difference and slap a bill on my credit. Then again, they can’t use anything against me that was signed while I was in the throes of a wild depressive episode and heavily medicated, either.

So, they are in a bind. They know it. No one will give me a copy of my policy to prove I am required to pay it back; all they seem to do is harass me by phone.

I am so done with all of this. I want to be done with them, I want to move on and live my life. It’s time to end my volatile relationship with Metlife.

Metlife can kiss my …

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Metlife Can Kiss My …


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