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Getting Ready For The Move – Bring On The Madness!

We have stuff everywhere. My husband is a major (and I mean MAJOR!) pack-rat. He is like, on the fence between pack-rat and hoarder. Well, if there is even a fence there.

He keeps everything, anything, pointless and needless items, they are everywhere! He also doesn’t keep them neat and tidy in boxes stacked somewhere. No, he just throws stuff everywhere with the hope that I will clean it. I will not. I refuse. No way, no how! Uh, uh. Not happening buddy!

So we have a dilemma now. What to do, what to do?

My husband has previously gotten us into a terrible mouse-mess because of his boxing up and storing crap. Mind you, when I say crap, I mean JUNK!

The man seriously must not believe in the goodwill of charity organizations because I am just now, after nine years, able to convince him to start donating stuff we don’t need. I always donated before I met him. I didn’t have yard sales and sell stuff, I didn’t throw it out, I donated. Every 6 months I’d go through our things and donate what we hadn’t touched/used in a year. It was a great system and kept my house clutter free.

Then I met my husband. Oh dear. I didn’t have any clue what I was getting myself into. Anyway, after our mouse infestation in the garage from the junk collecting he had a wake up call. That was three years ago though, and what do I find in our shed outside? Mouse droppings and shredded boxes, again. This is getting to the point of ridiculousness – seriously!

So I have actually put my foot down. I have told him that it is no longer his choice, and I am not taking all his junk to my new home. We will take what we use, what we need, what means the most, and everything else is going to the dump! His tune has changed, and he has buckled down and is really helping me sort through everything. I am so proud of him.

I could tell today as he was hauling boxes out of the attic that he was enjoying my determination and was very quick to agree with me when things needed to be thrown out. I got a ton of “I don’t care” responses from him, which was the most beautiful music to my ears! I couldn’t believe it.

We emptied seven boxes total, got a closet and the smaller attic cleared out, and put back only 2 bins. Plastic ones that rodents won’t like.

I’m just tired of the stuff everywhere. I have put my foot down that this move, if there is anything we have not touched in the two years we have been here, it is gone – whether he likes it or not! If he wants to try to sell it, great.  If it is still here when we move I am trashing it!

We both really need to get a handle on all this or we will never get organized!

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Getting Ready For The Move – Bring On The Madness!


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