Well, our vacation started off a little crappy, but we did our best to make it better. Everything was going pretty smooth once we got over the $80 lost and all other crankiness previously griped about.

My husband was having a very hard time with the stress. I was a little taken back knowing I was the one who was being calm and collected, keeping things in order the best I could. When I finally explained to him that there was nothing we could do to change the things that had already happened he started to settle down some.

We bought tickets on Craigslist for Medieval Times and planned to go Sunday night. We were all very excited, we had gotten a great deal on the tickets. We took the kids to the little strip with shops and such and they got little henna tattoos, and then my husband bought me a cute dress and we went out for a date night later that night. It was nice, I really enjoyed it.

The most fun was watching how many people were totally drunk beyond drunk. I was laughing more at that than anything else! Then leaving, I got a chuckle out of the “cab lines” set up for those drunk people to safely get home. It was a pretty cool system, clearly showing they have a problem with people getting completely wasted there!

Sunday my husband calls to check on our reservation for Medieval Times, there is no show that night. Wow. Okay, so get this. We bought the tickets from an employee who had gotten them for her birthday. First problem, she was never allowed to even sell them. Second problem, she supposedly set up the reservation for us for Sunday night, said we would have no problem and if we did to just ask for her.

She knowingly sold us these tickets that we were never able to use, because there was not even a show on Sunday. Yes, it was our fault for not double checking, I agree, but she turned out to be a real douchebag. My husband called her and demanded our money back from her and she was very childish about it, telling us oh well (basically) it wasn’t her problem.

Excuse me? You sold me tickets knowing there wasn’t even a show, knowing there would not be a show we could attend during our trip. We told her when we were leaving and there was not a show at all during the time we had the tickets.

Karma, that’s all I can say, Karma.

She ran away with $120 of our money, and now we have tickets that we wont use for probably another 2 years. Good thing they don’t expire, however, I am the queen of losing everything so by the time I go again I probably wont even know where the tickets are!

We pretty much got screwed and during the trip managed to lose a total of $200. For a family vacationing with 4 kids, that is a lot of money to lose. Sunday night dinner consisted of – wait for it – Taco Bell! Fantastic. Even that food was gross.

Yesterday we decided to take the kids to Golden Corral, their favorite buffet. They seemed okay with it, then we took them to one more event. By the time we were wrapping everything up and packing things I started feeling sad and overwhelmed. The perfectly planned fun family vacation had become a disaster. A couple thousand dollars later, we headed home with our heads hanging low and all of us a little sad.

I wish it had gone better, but we did the best we could. The kids do have great memories, we have lots of good pictures, and I hope they will remember the good parts.

The kids did get to feed some pretty friendly ducks, and my daughter was chased by a couple once she was out of food. Even as scared as she was it is probably the most giggling at one time I had heard from her the entire trip.

We are home now, recovering from our vacation. I had left the care of our two dogs up to a teenager that lives up the street. Unfortunately, he did not take care of them, which really upset me. My entire kitchen floor was covered with dog pee. I don’t think there was a spot that did not have pee on it. I was spraying and wiping forever, gagging over the smell of urine that had filled our house. It was so gross. My poor dogs.

Thank goodness my oldest agreed to mop after I had been bent over wiping up the floor for what felt like forever. I cant get the smell out of my nose!

So my hubby goes back to work tonight feeling defeated, and my kids go back to school tomorrow feeling cheated. Fantastic.

I have managed to maintain my composure for the most part. When I finally sat down and powered on my computer, the first thing I did was check on little Avery, the Bucket List Baby. I was heartbroken to find she had passed away yesterday.

I began to sob at the computer and tried to tell my husband about it and couldn’t even do that. I think the emotional overload just snapped into tears. I was following that pretty little girl through her bucket list, admiring the strength her Mommy and Daddy had to make her life the best it could be knowing she would not live to see her 2nd birthday.

So now, with a heavy heart, I will finish unpacking.

Burning money photo available from Shutterstock.