We have just about every gadget imaginable in our house. Three laptops, two xbox consoles, a PS3, 2 nintendo DS’s, an iPad, an iTouch, an iPod, two smart phones, and a wii.

I am starting to see a little divide here, and it isn’t feeling very good. I think we need a time out from technology and more time for the wonderful little things life has to offer.

Before all these gadgets there were family game nights, tree climbing, bike riding, pillow fights, chases and all sorts of fun stuff. I think we’ve fallen into a rut. We do have time together as a family frequently with cuddling, movies, chatting, etc. We eat dinner together at night as a family, and we are still all very close.

I don’t think it is quite enough though. The kids spend a lot of time playing with their friends, and things flow pretty smooth. The problem here is in our house we don’t know or tolerate boredom well, so we all tend to lean on the electronics we have for amusement.

I’ve had enough!

I don’t like the feeling of disconnect. One kid on a DS, another on the xbox and his cell, another one watching TV, another one on the iPad, and two parents each on a laptop just seems absurd to me. What has our household come to?

I think we need to head back to the basics and remember what family is and how to give our kids a good solid foundation without the influence of video games, cartoons and the constant dependence on technology for entertainment. While they are angry with me, one day I hope my feelings are validated and our family can grow closer.

So, how did I come to this decision?

Our internet has been at a slow crawl lately and with that problem comes us not being able to surf quite as much. My husband was downloading something and my oldest was trying to play on xbox live and he couldn’t. Since he couldn’t play his game he came in the living room and sat down with us and watched a movie.

Wow! It was that easy. My “too good for mom” 15-year-old kid joined us, chatted and watched a movie.

So there you go, all the tech-time is being slashed in a big way. It is so long overdue. Who knows, maybe my marriage will enjoy a technology break, too. One can hope, right?

Gadget photo available from Shutterstock.