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Sibling Love Is Awesome!

This morning we had some pretty intense storms. I don’t get up with my oldest so when the 6am storms hit I realized he didn’t wake me for a ride to the bus stop. I was sad. I did lay in bed though for some time watching my bedroom light up and listening to the rumble.

The baby woke and was quite disturbed by the loud sounds he was unfamiliar with, but my other two upstairs didn’t make a peep. I listened for whispers or cries and heard nothing. I left well enough alone and crawled back into bed to enjoy the beautiful sound of crackling thunder. It was awesome.

When the other two finally got up to get ready for school they started talking about the storm that I was certain they had slept through. Apparently my little girl got scared and climbed into bed with her big brother. He was so annoyed and frustrated that he had to be the hero. When I looked into her eyes and saw the genuine comfort she found in her big brother while she was so scared it really took me back a little.

One of my brothers is 3 years older than me, close to the same age difference as my two kids. When I was about my daughter’s age, I used to turn to my big brother too. We would fight a lot, but I found a lot of comfort in him and when I really needed him he was always there for me. Even now at 31, if I need anything I know I can call him. In fact, when I had my major breakdown 2 years ago he was the first person I called.

I think sibling love is very unique. We can’t divorce them, leave them, or even avoid them! It’s not really like a friendship where you can “take a break” from your friend when you’ve had enough. You have to look at them after a fight, you have to figure out how to make up, you have to learn how to get along. If you tattle to your parents you are likely to get into more trouble so it’s basically a fend-for-yourself situation.

Even my step-brother who joined our family when I was just 4 is a major person in my life. I never really saw it for how it really is: we spend our lives with these people, and I have to wonder how much different I would have ended up if I had been an only child. What would my life have been like without the influence of three older brothers?

My brothers were pretty mean to me. They teased, tickled, tormented and picked on me to no end. I didn’t get relief until I hit puberty and my dad freaked out, finally stopping all the teasing. So for, oh I’d say 13 years or so, I was their punching bag!

Looking back though, I still remember one time when a very loud thunderstorm scared the bejeebers out of me and I leaped out of bed and ran into my big brother’s room and climbed into his bed until it was over. I was terrified, but even when I was 14 years old, I still found comfort in my brother.

I hope my kids will find the same bond with each other that my brothers and I have been blessed to know. My brothers are very important people in my life, and I am glad that I have had them to love and look up to.

Even though I really could have probably enjoyed a life without the torture, I will always believe that I am blessed with the brothers I have.

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Sibling Love Is Awesome!


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