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My Long Term Disability Claim Has Been Closed, What?!?

closing doorI’d like to “pretend” that I am the most stable, loving, caring, level-headed person I know. Unfortunately I know that stable and level-headed I am not. This is where it gets a little sticky.

I’ve been on long term disability for some time now. About 3 months ago when I had switched my doctors they started requesting new information from me. With a doctor switch comes med switches which in turn sent me into a tailspin. To this day I still have a large block of time I simply do not remember. Medication induced yes, but I do not remember what happened during about two months.

Once we determined the medications were causing serious problems, my doctor immediately discontinued them and we moved in a different direction. However there were verbal requests and conversations I simply (and honestly!) just do not remember. If I don’t remember even speaking to someone how am I supposed to remember to get them what they ask for?

My case manager knows I am bipolar with many other conditions and that I have had some major troubles and setbacks, I don’t understand why he is so unwilling to work with me. I know I should be more responsible but sometimes it really is impossible. It isn’t about choice here, it is about the ability to remember. Since taking notes is the last thing you think of in a bad state of mind, I ended up screwed big time.

I got a letter in the mail stating they made 4 requests for information which I did not provide. I’m certain if they had called me to ask me for my new doctor’s information I would have provided it. I am very open with my case manager and keep him informed on all of the important information for my treatment — so why is this suddenly a problem?

I did not even know they were requesting updated medical information, so how on earth could I have gotten them information I didn’t even know they were seeking?

I have left a message with my case manager regarding the recent issues with my medications and with my surgery, which has put me back a bit. I told him had I known (in my right state of mind) that he was looking for information I would have gotten it to him. It makes me feel like I am being punished for having a mental illness that sometimes prevents me from being completely in touch with reality. Can they do this to me? I don’t think they can, at least I hope they cant!

Losing disability without having social security in place right now will financially ruin my family. I am so scared of financial distress and it being my fault once again. Just when I thought things were looking up, my world collapses. My chest feels tight and I am fighting back tears of anger and frustration.

We need that money, we depend on that money to pay our rent every month. What am I going to do now?

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My Long Term Disability Claim Has Been Closed, What?!?


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