I had a hysterectomy over a year ago. I had a lot of problems that I no longer have to deal with and I am happy about that. However, they did leave one ovary.

At the age of 30 my doctor did not want to push me into menopause by taking both ovaries, so I still occasionally suffer with PMS. I usually don’t even notice, maybe a little extra swelling and a little more emotionally sensitive but never really that big of a deal.

This week, I think I lost my mind a few times now, and the worst of it still isn’t over! I’m thinking that a combination of PMS, bipolar (that we are still working on) and the holidays is dooming me to be in a permanent state of “psycho mom” until Christmas is over.

Come to think of it, every single Christmas I battle the PMS, and then by new years my special “friend” is visiting. It’s been that way as long as I can remember, and now with no uterus, it is still bad.

I think my body hates me!

I have been carrying on at my husband about all the pesky little things he does because I get so irritable listening to the kids fight all day, make messes as soon as I have cleaned up, and then look at me crazy because I’m going crazy. So what do I do? I let it out on my husband. Poor guy. I even tell him the PMS is worse than it’s been in a long time, and he just shrugs it off and walks away. He doesn’t really care too much, he just avoids me.

Now for my kids, what is up with these little boogers? Kids go NUTS before Christmas – it’s insane! I think everyone in my house needs a tranquilizer!

Oh, and my 7 year old, he thinks he’s the smartest kid on the planet. He is so smart in fact, he has to argue with everything that comes out of my mouth. It’s like he has it in his brain to auto play the word “no!” every time I speak. Then, get this, I asked him to do something and he says to me, “no thank you, I won’t do that.” Oh wow, seriously?

When I asked him if he was serious, he says “well, you said please so that makes it a request. I kindly and politely reject your request.” I pursed my lips and glared at him, and he says “Okay, maybe it was a demand, I’m going!”

My kids are nuts. I will be glad when Christmas is over and their anxiety tapers down some, and my PMS is long gone. Whew.