autism and the iPadMy two year old son has developed an obsession with our iPad. All my kids have loved having it around, but not like him. I’m starting to believe he is better with it than all of us combined.

He can play his cartoons and movies, and any game of his choice. It is a straight -up obsession. No one can use it if he is around, and he knows where we keep it. When he wakes up he has to have his juice, snack and iPad. Isn’t that a shame?

One amazing thing about his love for the iPad is that we can put educational apps on there to help him learn better, and it’s working well. Last night we were mimicking animal sounds using it. He was excited; jumping up and down as he copied the sounds the different animals make. This is the most progress we have made with him in quite some time. In fact, he was beginning to have some problems again when this little device saved him.

I had never really thought about using the iPad as a learning tool because of the constant regressing. It has been a very emotional time for us, mainly myself, because I try so hard to work with him daily. We have flashcards and matching games on it and he can play them like a pro!

I’m very proud of his ability to use the iPad so easily, but sad at the same time. He has taken his learning out of my hands and relies on the iPad to learn. He is learning more with it than he was with me. I know it’s great that he is learning, but my ego remains slightly bruised.

His pediatrician has referred him to a “developmental pediatrician” who is trained to help children with disabilities including Autism. He is starting some behaviors that are getting harder to work with, like the tantrums and self harm. While it scares me when he starts smacking himself repeatedly (very hard!) I have to find a way to understand Autism so that I can help him. It is starting to get more challenging every day, with new behaviors surfacing.

As long as he has that iPad though, he does very well.

iPad photo available at Shutterstock.