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Archives for December, 2011


The Bipolar Wife: Man, I Can Hold A Grudge!

My husband and I really had it out this weekend, and I'm not ready to let it go yet!

He has had so much free time over the last 3 months it's ridiculous -- while I get to be at home taking care of the kids. In September he went out of town for a weekend (alone) for a wedding. Okay, great. Then, roughly a month later I went out of town to visit...
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Autism and The iPad

My two year old son has developed an obsession with our iPad. All my kids have loved having it around, but not like him. I'm starting to believe he is better with it than all of us combined.

He can play his cartoons and movies, and any game of his choice. It is a straight -up obsession. No one can use it if he is around, and he knows where we...
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Pulling Myself Back Together Isn’t Easy

After this huge issue with all these new medications, I can't seem to get myself together. I had an appointment with my pdoc and she supported me dropping all the meds and staying with the Welbutrin and Ativan until after the holidays and my upcoming surgery.

My doctor is amazing (to far) as she witnessed a very mild hypomanic episode and told me of her fear that I was climbing up. That was...
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Changing Medication Has Ruined My Life!

When I sat down with my pill sorter and began filling it up with my morning and evening doses I began to cry. I believe a large part of that had to do with starting a new antidepressant, but I know the overwhelming sadness came along with the revelation that I am on too many medications.

How am I supposed to care for my children when I can't keep myself together?

For the past...
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