messy kitchenSometimes I really have to wonder if I don’t have ADHD! I am so scatterbrained today, I just don’t have a clue what is wrong with me! I have been trying to do my chores today while taking care of all 3 kids and I am so frustrated. The more I clean the messier my house gets. It is really irritating that I can’t complete even one task.

I start the morning with Walmart – that was eventful. I hate Walmart, they need to build a Target in my town and that will relieve at least 50% of my stress! Anyway, I return from Walmart and stack my several bags on the counter. My husband scurries off to work and my kids go bananas. So I round them up and threaten them with no mini cupcakes if they don’t quit fighting and they quickly calm down. So here is where we begin the mad chaos – my attempt at house cleaning.

First I begin with laundry, sort through the clothes and load the washer, a kid screams so I go to the bedroom. Tend to the baby and notice (by stepping on them) the mess of matchbox cars. Begin to pick up the cars and midway through remember I forgot to start the washer. Toss the cars I did pick up into the toy box and head to turn on the washer, have to pee. Go into the bathroom and see a mess all over the vanity from the kids and begin cleaning up the mess, forgetting I have to pee. Get the counter cleaned up and leave the bathroom. Head to the laundry room to start the washer and remember – oh yeah, I have to pee.

Head back to the bathroom. When I’m finished I remember I need to change the baby’s diaper – find the baby – forgot diaper. Go to get a diaper and step on another matchbox car. Ouch! Pick up the car and take it to the bedroom where I remember I forgot to pick up the rest of the cars. Midway through picking up the cars I remember I still have not started the washer. Damn. Back to the laundry room. Finally get the washer started. Grab a running baby, change a diaper. It has been an hour.

Now, to empty the dishwasher.

I head to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher and go for the ibuprofen. Take meds for the splitting headache and the baby starts to fuss. Put him down for his nap and then I head back to the kitchen. The couch looks so good with this pounding head of mine. Head for the couch instead of the kitchen for a 10 minute rest while the ibuprofen kicks in. Open my eyes, it’s been two hours and the baby is due to wake. Rush to the laundry room to change out the laundry. Manage to throw the wet clothes in the dryer and another load in the washer when I remember I still haven’t unloaded the dishwasher. Oye! Head to the kitchen without turning on the washer.

Open the dishwasher and notice the bags from my trip to Walmart. Start unloading the groceries. I get through one bag when I open the fridge to put the apple juice away and notice the crazy mess in my fridge. Grab several old expired condiments, turn around, dishwasher is open and I haven’t even started to unload. Close the fridge, toss old condiments in the trash, and head to the dishwasher. Unload the bottom rack, turn to put away the plates and again see the bags from Walmart. Good grief what is WRONG with me today?!

Start unloading the bags again, grab the apple juice and open the fridge (for the second time) and remember that I already tried to do this once and was out of room – it can wait. Set the apple juice down, turn around to throw away a bag and bang my leg on the still open dishwasher. Ouch! Continue unloading the dishwasher. Turn around to put sippy cups away and wonder what I am going to cook for dinner. Set the cups on the counter and start digging in the freezer. Ahh, shrimp! Grab shrimp and baby starts fussing.

Go get baby and grab him a snack – wait – snacks are still in bags on the counter. Start unloading bags (again) forgetting to get baby a snack. He reminds me so I grab him a snack, open the fridge for his juice and no juice. Crap. Close fridge, see juice and cups sitting on the counter. Take a moment to breathe and realize what I’ve done to destroy my kitchen in an attempt to clean.

I look around. Dishwasher open half empty, sippy cups, snacks, apple juice, and shrimp on the counter. Goodness. Dryer beeps, oh wait, I never started the washer. Fix the baby juice and sit him down for his snack and head to get the washer started and grab the dry clothes. Out of frustration, sit down and blog.

I need a vacation.

Photo by Nanamin2003, available under a Creative Commons attribution license.