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Passing A Kidney Stone: I Was Refused Treatment and Then Kicked Out of The ER – Part 2

emergency roomSo, I am in the emergency room at a hospital out of town. I am in terrible pain – certain I am passing a kidney stone. The doctor has labelled me a “drug seeker” without collecting my health history, my medications, or even asking why I am flipping out so bad. He is one arrogant jerk.

I go for my CT, they had given me .5 mg of dilauded. The pain was still there but at least tolerable – I mean, I could move. I am fussing to the woman giving me the CT scan and complaining about this doctor who wont listen to me. He wont take my medical history, he wont help me. She tells me he’s not the greatest and puts in a call to the ER to ask for me to have a different doctor.

He is the only doctor there.

She walks back over and apologizes and tells me she will have the scans sent over asap.

I got back to the room and laid down. I had relief, but it still hurt. I told my dad that the pain was still there and I was very anxious thinking about the pain coming back again as severe. He goes to notify them of the pain I still feel and it is dismissed.

In the room my dad is trying to comfort me, coaching me to relax and let go of what had previously happened to me in the hospital. He helps me get into a comfortable position and I am able to relax. Laying on my good side, I was talking to him when the doctor comes in. Already agitated and feeling high levels of anxiety I am fully on guard of this “doctor.” He says “all your tests are clear, there is nothing wrong with you” and I am thinking what a wild assumption that “nothing” is wrong based on a non contrast CT and bloodwork. Wow.

He walks over to my back and says very strongly and with much aggression, “young lady…why don’t you tell me how it is you know so much about pain medications. What so terrible has happened to you to give you such extensive knowledge?”  Uhh, wait a second, young lady? Who the hell are you??? I am NOT a young lady, I am a 31 year old woman, married with four children. I was pissed.

I bolted up in bed in anger, threw my hands up to my sides (at my shoulders, remember I am sitting in a hospital bed) and said “what exactly are you insinuating?” He says “get your hand out of my face” and I get even more angry because my hands aren’t in his face they are at my shoulders. I again said “what is it you are insinuating?” and he throws his hands up, turns around and storms out the door stating “she’s been discharged I’ll have someone in with her paperwork.”

Oh my goodness, it is happening again. Why is this happening to me again?

My father goes out to ask the doctor why he will not treat me, what is going on. He then begins to tell my father in the hallway where everyone in that wing can hear him “sir, your daughter has a problem” and my father goes nuts. He asks the doctor to clarify what he means, and the doctor goes on to state “there is nothing at all wrong with her she is perfectly fine. This is nothing new to us, we see this behavior all the time in here. People come in here complaining of pain just to get a shot of narcotics.”

Knowing what the doctor is saying, my father continues to tell him about me and my life. He tells him about my previous experience in a hospital when they refused to treat me and how it almost cost me my life. He also continues by trying to tell the doctor about my health problems and about how I am not by any means a drug seeker. He tells the doctor that he has dilauded at home, and if it were about pain and me needing narcotics he would much rather hand me the pills and get me help than sit in an ER.

My dad then begins begging the doctor to do a drug test on me, no one would object, get my medical history, even call my doctor. He asked him to do anything at all but discharge me on the assumption that a CT scan (without contrast) is 100% reliable as a diagnostic tool. The doctor refuses.

Out of anger (and still in a state of shock and suffering from severe anxiety over the situation) I walk into the hallway. I tell the doctor that I am upset, the last time I was in the hospital they did the same thing and I almost died. The doctor that nearly killed me lost her license because of negligence after I had to have emergency surgery to have my diseased and gangrenous gallbladder removed. He then says to me “oh so you have had your gallbladder out huh?” in that same condescending tone. I informed him yes I had, and he says “uh huh, yeah right, get out of my hospital” and asks the nurses to call security. I then demand to speak to the highest level person available in the hospital.

I hobble back to my bed and begin to completely lose my mind. I am a mess. I can’t remember if it was before or after talking to the “head nurse” that was there that night, but all of a sudden I can’t breathe. I feel like I am beginning to suffocate. My dad stands up to try to calm me down and it just gets worse. I am hyperventilating and gasping for air. I can’t wrap my head around it, they have this woman with many medical conditions and mental illness, gasping for air hyperventilating (the worst I’ve ever had) and still, they refuse to help me.

My lips began turning blue. My father is getting more and more agitated with every breath I try to take.

Photo by Taber Andrew Bain, available under a Creative Commons attribution license.

Passing A Kidney Stone: I Was Refused Treatment and Then Kicked Out of The ER – Part 2


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