Growing up I was very fortunate to have a great dad.  At the time I must say he wasn’t all that great because what kid likes to be disciplined?  I sure didn’t!  He was however, a remarkable dad.

I was daddy’s little girl all the way.  I adored him, and he spoiled me rotten.  I was youngest of four and the only girl; I was picked on constantly by my brothers.  My daddy always rescued me from the torment.  I was very lucky for that.

He always respected me, loved me, and was not afraid to show me in every way possible just how special a girl I was.  I can remember sitting on his lap playing with his mustache, him tickling me into hysterics, tucking me into bed, and goodnight kisses.  He would take me to work with him and buy me treats and candy, let me drink soda, and he would even let me steer the van through the neighborhood on his lap.  He was never afraid to pick me up and hold me if I was scared, kiss me if I got hurt, or stand up for me if I was being bullied.  My dad was never afraid to be a great dad.

He never really knew how to do it, the great dad thing.  As an abused child himself with not much to go on, I give him an incredible amount of credit.  I do not feel he has ever really let me down.  Even now, as a 30 year old woman, he is still there for me and always lends an ear if I need to talk.  He is ready to offer advice with that same gentle soothing “loving dad” voice I’ve always been blessed to know.

I am very proud of my dad.  The example he set for me growing up was beyond what he could have ever known.  Through his love, total respect, and adoration, I was blessed to find a husband who treats me the same.  I know that through my dads love, I was able to see how a man should treat me.  My husband treats me well with a great deal of respect, he adores me, he pampers me, and he doesn’t dare let anyone disrespect me or bully me.  I know I made a good choice for a husband because of my father’s example. (Thanks dad!)

I cannot express how lucky I feel to have been raised by such a strong and wonderful man.  Regardless of his parenting mistakes, my love for him is unconditional and beautiful.

At the age of 30, I am still my daddy’s little girl.  I may be far too old now to play with his mustache, get tickled into hysterics, and get goodnight kisses – but I can still look at him with that same little girl awe and admire every part of him and his love for his family.

I wanted to share something that I wrote 15 years ago.

My First Date

I remember my first date, It was many years ago.

It was a very special day, Oh I loved him so!

He asked me to a movie, and waited for my reply,

I didn’t know what to say, so I thought and prayed I’d die!

He took me to a  movie, and bought me candy too,

He told me I was beautiful, I just didn’t know what to do!

He took me to dinner, and we talked and honest talk,

Then he took me home, and we went for a walk.

As the date then ended, he gave me a look so sad,

His baby girl was growing up, my first date was with my dad.

Happy Father’s Day!  I love you daddy!