bipolar sonI have written a lot about my oldest son, and how proud I am of him.  I am proud of all of my children, but he is a teenager now and he amazes me almost daily.  He brought home his report card a few weeks ago and had two F’s.  We did what parents do and grounded him, limited his phone and computer use, and increased his chores.  We’ve stayed on top of him to do his assignments and have been very supportive of him in bringing his grades up.

He still has an F and a D in two classes.  I’m so frustrated!

When I began asking him about these classes in an attempt to reach out to him, he lashed out at me and got extremely angry.  This behavior is becoming more and more frequent lately, and I am wondering if he is starting to show signs of bipolar, like me.

He is fine one day being sweet, happy, loving, and giving.  Then, he gets angry, frustrated, short tempered, and nasty towards everyone.  It’s almost so fast it seems like someone has flipped a switch in him.  Lately, he is showing some violent behavior towards me and his siblings.  He would never do anything to hurt us, but he is feeling genuine rage and does not quite know how to handle it.   He has anxiety attacks and can’t breathe, he has tears in his eyes but he’s so angry he doesn’t understand why he has to cry.

I feel really bad for him.  He has all these hormones and feelings, yet doesn’t know how to handle them or what to do with them.  I have decided to get him some help.  I am going to put him in therapy and have him see a psychiatrist as soon as I can, but I am so afraid for him.  I do not want him to struggle like I do.  It is just so hard for me, my heart breaks over the thought that he may be bipolar, or have problems with depression.

Why does he have to be so much like me?

Photo by amboowho? available under a Creative Commons attribution license.