Diary of a Self-Help Book Junkie

Diary of a Self-Help Book Junkie

My name is Lisa and I’m a Self-Help book junkie. Yes. There. I can admit it. I’ve read them all, from Dr. Phil to Gretchen Rubin. The Happiness Project, Choosing Happiness, The Joy of Less, The Bounce Back Book, The Miracle Morning, The Motivation Manifesto and many, many more of these “how to” books line the shelves in my home office. I even read How to Finish...

Bipolar Disorder

500 Shades of Grey

In talking to a friend of mine who also lives with bipolar about my extreme fatigue and aimlessness, he told me it sounded like depression to him. We discussed it for a bit, the various shades depression takes on from time to time: the...

Bipolar Disorder

What Is Wrong With Me?

Do you ever hear the voices inside your head ask yourself, "What is wrong with me?"

I do. All the time. Especially when I am overwhelmed with tasks, duties, obligations and deadlines. I find myself stuck in a perpetual loop of procrastination-based activities. I Facebook. I Pinterest. I do anything that gives me immediate gratification like answering every email the millisecond it beeps on my computer. I find myself sitting and staring at the...


5 Things I Say “No” To

I just read a great article from Haley on The Tiny Twig on saying "no". She's  a blogger and mom of three and busy, busy. In her article she shared that she can't do it all - and that's okay! I began to think seriously about what I say "no" to. Not enough I learned.

Saying "yes" out of guilt

Maybe it's part of my curious personality, or guilt from childhood, but I...

Bipolar Disorder

Happy New Year?

As a college professor and single mother of three daughters in college, I find I have many demands placed on my emotional energy. This time of year is so hard, the cold, the...

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