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The Final Post: Her Bipolar Life


I am a writer.

From the first book I published in kindergarten, to the post you are reading now, every step of the way, writing was important.

Throughout the years, I wrote for the school newspaper, completed writing and editing internships at exciting companies in college, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.

My life in words includes creative mediums like poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, along with sports journalism and blogging, business writing, technical writing, online reporting, and content writing.

Only in the last few years, after I started to understand bipolar disorder a little better, did I start to have the courage and wherewithal to write about my condition.

It began with a Tumblr and a Twitter account, followed by my own WordPress site, and then my very own blog site.

I wrote guest features for a variety of psychology and health sites, and contributed to writing-based social hubs.

In late 2012, as I feverishly composed posts and replies on message boards, I approached Doc John and shared my story.

With great enthusiasm and trust, Doc John graciously welcomed me to the blog family.

Doc and I formulated the idea of Her Bipolar Life, and the blog was born.

On January 17, 2013, I wrote my first public post.

Even with all of my professional and personal writing experience, over 20 years’ worth, I still felt a bit lost when I began the blog.

Writing about bipolar made me feel more naked and apprehensive than ever before.

Surely, my words would offend some. They would confuse others. Maybe a few would be inspired. Maybe a few would comment and say they knew what I was going through.

Because for a while, I felt very alone.

I always have, in some way. Writing has connected me. It has connected me to my imagination. It has comforted me, it has been there as a hobby, a distraction, and a means of making a living.

The best thing it has ever done, though, is connect me to others.

I have been lucky enough to have my words read, pondered, remembered, disagreed with, and appreciated.

The responses I received from readers—both positive and negative—have made this experience so worthwhile.

I have grown immensely from this opportunity.

I finally got it all out in the open—family struggles, personal angst, my fears, milestones, and opinions.

Some of my personal favorites, from January 17, 2013 to June 18, 2014, are:

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August 2013—What If? Cognitive Distortions and How to Combat Them

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January 2014—Her Bipolar Life’s First Year

April 2014—Florida’s Disinterest in Caring for the Mentally Ill

May 2014—The NFL’s Brandon Marshall and His Mental Health Crusade

A recent post features popular blogs from the readers’ perspective.

I thank each and every one of you who took the time to read Her Bipolar Life. You have been the lifeblood of this blog.

I implore you to subscribe to, my home site. This is My Bipolar Life—Kat’s journey at a different address.

I will always strive to contribute in some way to

My life in writing will never end. It will wind in different directions, mirroring life itself. But it will remain constant.

I look forward to continuing my journey with you, and thanks again for reading here.

Hope you enjoyed it too.



The Final Post: Her Bipolar Life

Kat Dawkins

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