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Books About Bipolar Part II: More Summer Reading Suggestions


but todayBefore summer comes to a close, I would like to share part two of two of my summer reading suggestions for those that are interested in reading about bipolar disorder.

These books, and the books in part one of my summer suggestions, are interesting and educating views about bipolar disorder, from fiction to nonfiction to self-help.

Finish out the summer with one of these books and let me know what you think of the book you read!

1)Bipolar Disorder Demystified: Mastering the Tightrope of Manic Depression by Lana R. Castle

Author Lana R. Castle is an expert on bipolar disorder—in fact, she has lived with it most of her life.

Using a balance of practicality and eloquence, Castle helps understand the true nature of bipolar disorder.

Some of the best parts of the book include information on complicating factors in diagnosis, strategies for coping with the illness, and helping readers decide when to seek treatment.

I first found these Demystified books by Da Capo Press when I was researching borderline personality disorder. This publishing company chooses informed and articulate authors for their series on mental health.

Type: Informational, Factual

2)Where are the Cocoa Puffs? A Family’s Journey Through Bipolar Disorder by Karen Winters Schwartz

This novel by Karen Winters Schwartz is one of the few fiction creative writing pieces about bipolar disorder that I have delved into so far.

Author Schwartz, a Doctor of Optometry, is also an active advocate and board member of NAMI Syracuse.

Her book centers on Amanda, an eighteen year old girl with bipolar disorder that has a psychiatrist father.

With his diagnosis, their world is dramatically altered.

While Amanda’s mother struggles with the stigma of having a daughter with mental illness, her sister adds to the pain by denying the illnesses’ existence. Amanda’s boyfriend extended family are explored as well.

For an explorative fiction work on bipolar disorder, check out this book.

Type: Fiction, Novel

3) Intense Minds: Through the Eyes of of Young People with Bipolar Disorder by Tracy Anglada

Bipolar disorder in youth can be emotional and explosive.

Through the eyes of young adults with bipolar disorder and adults that grew up with the illness, this book talks about how bipolar disorder affects functioning in school, at home, and with friends.

These are real accounts woven together by the author. Critics say she broke new ground with this book.

The children that speak in these pieces articulate the frustration, irritability, emptiness, and manic energy that comes with adolescent bipolar disorder.

The best way we can understand young adults with bipolar disorder is to ask them to explain to us what it really feels like. Some parents with children that have bipolar disorder are not able to do that effectively.

This may be of aid and interest for young adults and parents alike.

Type: Nonfiction, Collected Works

4)Love Me: A Look into the Life of Abuse, Sex, Drugs and Bipolar Disorder by R.W. Swartz

R.W. Swartz became acquainted with a prostitute with bipolar disorder named Kassi. Swartz started to explore her life after he was charmed by her friendliness, humor, and truth.

Swartz learns about her life, and finds out that in short, she was a nice girl with a life gone wrong.

Used and manipulated time and time again, Swartz discovers that she now does the same to others without thinking about it.

This book is a unique look from the perspective of someone who meets a woman with bipolar disorder that is struggling but still speaking.


I hope you enjoyed my summer book series! Stay tuned for a myriad of other topics involving bipolar disorder for the rest of 2013!

Have you read any of these books? Any that you want to read? Do you prefer to get your knowledge about bipolar disorder somewhere else?



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Books About Bipolar Part II: More Summer Reading Suggestions

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