3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To: Motivation & Bipolar Disorder

  • June 12, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    My Coping Method:

    1. First Identify your state. Always remember lack of motivation is not a state but a symptom which indicates that sooner or later you are going into the depression state.

    2. Read about the pain and pleasure concept in psychology. You must know the lack of motivation with any task at that moment could cause you are associating some pain with it or unconsciously you have due to your past experience. So you need to identify that pain you have associated once you do that then analyze that pain and question yourself about it and keep in mind that if you can associate it then you have the power to disassociate also after all it was you who did it, once you realize this part then remember the first time when you did the same task with excitement and intrinsic motivation, what were your goals? What was your thought process? Get that positive part from that thought process again and associate again with that task.(by association i mean to ‘Focus’).

    3. Once you do the above part then you may feel powerful and then you may end up with hypomanic or in the manic state where you make all future plans and don’t focus on the actual task that you wanted to finish and did all the effort to get done. You need to balance here then once you feel like you are doing what i have mention then balance it by saying

    ‘I am going into manic state and I’ve got to balance it’.
    ‘I can balance it by doing the task i had to do and without that all other plans i make in manic state will be a waste so lets get that first done.’

    (This type conversation usually helps me with myself, I usually lock myself in a room and start sending these messages to my fiance and she knows she doesn’t have to reply them, she just have to tell me that she’s there to listen and i start the conversation with myself and automatically convince myself to think positively and automatically then find the solution. My fiance just identifies that solution and validates it for me so that really helps me. If you have someone to whom you can train to just ‘LISTEN’ then it really helps you out.)

    4. Prevent the distraction if you can such as I am a freelance programmer and facebook, youtube is my biggest hurdle to get my task done so i have just simply downloaded few chrome plugins and block these sites. It’s like you need to make an effort to remove the plugin and then i am able to access them back but that’s just too much effort and it also reminds me why i have blocked them.

    5. Chunk down your task.
    6. Get the easiest one on top of the list and just do that. Once you do that you feel proud and get a boost to get the 2nd one. At the end of the day you might still not be able to complete the full task list and you might feel depressive just like I do and have a difficult time sleeping but then i again do some self talk and then remember how i was not even able to get off my bed but hey look i was able to get task 1,2,3,4,5 done so i should be proud of myself and that helps me to stop self-doubting myself and get my confidence back and I am able to sleep properly.

  • May 19, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! The medication is supposed help and make you feel better? That is big F’ing lie and doctors don’t know what they are talking about. This junk they put you on makes you feel like an utter emotionless zombie. I’ve been on meds all my life and my entire life has been miserable because of it. It was only when I stopped taking the medication in 2015 that I was able to articulate myself better in conversation and was a lot happier. Well…that may have been the mania but what you’re listing here is a bunch of BS. Medications that treat Bipolar disorder drain the dopamine out of your brain making you feel extremely unmotivated. Every day that you’re on this crap it makes you feel like you have a giant hole in your chest leaving you feeling completely empty. I’ve laid in the floor for hours not able to get up and do anything because these meds are such a nuisance to me. ……. However, thank the Lord for Vyvanse and caffeine! It’s the only thing that counteracts this poison to the mind. I absolutely hate medication. And doctors are full of crap. I would love to see THEM on those meds and see how they like it! THEN THEY WILL KNOW WHAT TRUE UNENDING AGONY AND PAIN FEELS LIKE!!

  • November 4, 2018 at 1:20 am

    I struggle with the fear I’m being lazy, and usually have associated guilt in the mix too. A lot of that comes down to dynamics in my family of origin. This is why I can easily have too many expectations of myself.

    At present, having come out of hospita just a few days ago (not my 1st visit/stay) I am trying to gauge better my energy levels in a very gentle way. I’m trying out “going with my ‘whim'” as my interpretation of “going with the flow”, which my psychiatrists (in & out of hospital) have really impressed upon me. It seems 2 be working pretty well so far. I’ve had some interest/energy in the afternoon for getting a couple of some small “household tasks” over the past few days, and am finding some activities that bring some pleasure too.

    Gently does it is the key – and take some sick leave when u need it.

    BTW – I recently read the “procrastination” and “putting off” doing things can be a tendency of night owls as opposed to morning people.


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