3 thoughts on “What Bipolar Isn’t: Part I Major Depressive Disorder

  • April 7, 2015 at 12:14 am

    LaRae wrote: “Theyโ€™re not depressed on purpose, and implying itโ€™s their fault is just going to make things worse.” Right ON, LaRae. This is why I deplore the change of clinical descriptions from “mental illness” or “______ disorder” to “behavioral health care.” This strongly says to me that my mental illness, namely bipolar disorder, is a “behavior problem,” and that I have control over it, and make conscious choices to “misbehave” socially. Another problem with the term “behavioral health,” at least in my view, is that this means that the person is somehow detrimental to the public, or the community at large, so that it is the “job” of the clinic/s to protect the public from “inappropriate behavior.” If a person has a mental illness, their behavior, if you will, could be the result of a chemical imbalance that affects one’s moods,or some kind of thought disorder, etc. I hope that the peer movement will enable us who live with a mental or emotional disorder to change this term and never ever use the term “behavioral disorder.” We need to let the public, the professionals, and the politicians know that this is very offensive.

    • April 10, 2015 at 10:30 pm

      I agree with “flowerbells” — since the term ‘behavioural’ or behaviour when used in a clinical sense, can imply that those who are currently having some sort of struggle or difficulty with a mental or an emotional condition have wilfully or actively ‘chosen’ to sort of: ‘be naughty’… or ‘go off the rails’ -so to speak! However, while most of the article offered seemed generally helpful with this obviously very sensitive subject, – it all came to a screeching halt with the last sentence offered.- And I think I detect a rising ‘trend’ to become overly ‘wordy’ and technical with all these various issues relating to “mental health”! — For crying out loud – these poor folks quite simply have some ill-health problems that happened to have impacted on their emotions, their ‘line of thinking’, or maybe the actual health-condition of their Brain/or/Head…. not their little finger!!! ….. So ‘give them a break’, (so to speak!)- and let’s please do our best not to seem to treat them like “odd-balls”! …. And maybe some will think that I’m way ‘out of line’– but unlike the recommendation in the article’s last sentence: – I will continue to offer people with such problems, a cheery-yet-gentle “cheer up!” -said with a warm and caring smile!- – becaue this expression of ‘brotherly, or sisterly-type’-love… means!=>>”hi there,-I’ve got your back!- and I’m looking for any ways that I can encourage you, or help you out, in some way!” ๐Ÿ™‚ <and therefore AVOIDING the ‘specifically-mentally or emotionally un-well’ person!! – when they could instead, quite possibly be of some genuine help and support for them, and to genuinely “be-there for them”! – Experts and Professionals are great, I’m sure – though their fees may mean that the rest of us should offer encouragement the rest of the time! — And Drugs? – Well that’s a minefield of un-enviable presense and consideration, at best!- and some drugs tend to ’cause’ the very condition that they are purported to ‘remedy?’! .. Also -many folks initially go along to their doctor with the relatively simple problem of being unable to get a good& proper night’s sleep!! -yet ultimately end-up on a whole range of psychotic-type drugs,- which in turn: imbed their own alarming and often very troublesome range of “side-effects”!! .. Now let me see, um.. what was the ‘original’-problem??? – Oh yes! – I was quite simply suffering from some mental and emotional upset-feelings DUE-to an all-too-regular LACK-of good-QUALITY SLEEP!!!! ….. Oh! – Did you say that I could just go Online, and order/pay-for some top quality:- “Radience-5HTP” or others… and some-“Magnesium/&low-Calcium,=Lifestream”,or other, SAFE=Natural Therapies?? …wow! – well, I’ve found that they work really brilliantly, for me!! ๐Ÿ™‚ … And the delight is: that when you quietly notice that the 5-HTP Natural Therapy is helping you to wake up each morning after you’ve taken it– feeling just ‘gently-cheerful’!! -yay! – NOT foggy, nor gloomy, nor dreading, nor sad!! ….but quietly, and gently cheerful, and even somewhat ‘refreshed’!! -Yay!! …… Well, that’s what I discovered, anyway! ..but remember it is a ‘quieter & less-obvious’ result than you might be expecting! – And every night, when you take it before bedtime:- don’t expect it to “slug-you-out” like a medical drug might!- &don’t watch ‘exciting movies,etc!’ just before bed! …any things not condusive to sleep, isn’t helpful. So IF interested:- go to->>> http://www.healthpost.co.nz <<<- and there's a wonderful selection, and fast service there! ๐Ÿ™‚ – (and, no! – I have NO financial-'affiliation' with: http://www.healthpost.co.nz — just had good service from them in the past, and it's much-cheaper than buying the Natural Health Remedies from a 'Health Shop', as you are not paying their 'physical-shop'-markup! ….. I hope any of this may have been helpful in some way! ……. "Cheers!" – Jen. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • April 8, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    I agree about the “behavioral” label; like we just decided to be this way or picked it up like a bad habit. Science has been moving away from a behaviorist understanding of human nature for years.


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