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Archives for April, 2016

Bipolar II

How it Feels to Withdraw from Bipolar Disorder Medication

When we talk about the negative side of taking medication for bipolar disorder, it’s usually about the side effects. Weight gain, sexual dysfunction, memory problems, etc. Then our doctors will titrate our medications, starting with small doses and increasing them until we reach the desired outcome: low to no symptoms with the least amount of medication. In the same manner, when you’re taken...
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Bipolar Laid Bare

Spotting a Bipolar Episode Before It Happens

Living and functioning with bipolar disorder takes a tremendous amount of effort. Even with treatment, every aspect of our daily lives has to be evaluated to see whether or not it will have an effect on the disorder. We do this to minimize impact. Everyone with bipolar disorder has triggers that can bring on depressive, hypomanic or manic episodes. So, not only do we have...
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