Bipolar Disorder

The Benefit Of Pets On Mental Health

Having animals in your home can be so beneficial to your mental health in so many ways. I’m sure there are plenty of studies on the subject that explain all about the endorphins released when you are petting an animal and the science behind it, but purely from experience and opinion alone, it’s easy to see a marked positive impact on my mental health and that of others  around me with animals around.

Bipolar Disorder

Work And When To Disclose Your Mental Illness

I think that when to disclose about your mental illness or if you want to disclose at all in the workplace is a very personal decision and I don’t think that there is any one right answer. It depends on your comfort level; on whether you feel they need to know; on the job you’re applying for or have currently; on whether you feel that it would impact your chances at getting the job or keeping your job; on how comfortable you feel with your boss and colleagues and so much more.

Bipolar Disorder

How I Stopped Self-Harming

In my last blog post, I talked about how I have been free of any form of self-harm for four years now. The path to being able to stop was indeed a long one, it was truly a journey and it took time. There wasn’t just one magic solution or even just one thing that helped me to stop; there were many.