Bipolar Disorder

World Bipolar Day: 10 Things You Need To Know About People With Bipolar Disorder

Today is World Bipolar Day, a day in which we come together to try to break down the stigma of this disorder, to open conversations about it and to try to help others understand what living with this illness is really like.

On my part, I wanted to discuss 10 things that are important to know about those of us with Bipolar Disorder. I just want to state here that I’m using the word ‘we’ as a...

Bipolar Disorder

What Mental Illness ‘Looks’ Like

I think there’s a fairly common misconception that mental illness can be ‘seen’ or looks a certain way. This isn’t the case. People can be going through so much and you would never know by looking at them. Mental illness doesn’t ‘look’ a certain way and it’s vital that we raise awareness of this where we can.

Bipolar Disorder

How Fatigue Really Feels

Fatigue isn’t just tiredness, I think that a lot of people who haven’t experienced it assume that it’s just feeling tired, but it’s so much more than that. Fatigue can come with so many illnesses, both physical and mental as well as with side effects from medications.