Bipolar Disorder

30 Fun Things You Can Do If You’re Under Self-Isolation (Part 1)

With the current coronavirus situation, many people are self-isolating. Being stuck at home for more than a few days can take its toll on your mental health. The key is to keep busy. Everything seems so serious at the moment, I thought this could be a good way to make things a bit lighter. I came up with some ideas of fun or productive things you could do if you're stuck at home.

Bipolar Disorder

12 Tips To Mentally Cope With The Coronavirus Pandemic

I don't need to tell you that talk of Coronavirus is everywhere. Things are getting tense and people are understandably worried. Even for those who do not have a mental illness, this is a stressful time. For those who do have a mental illness, this time of stress can be extremely tough on our mental health. I wanted to share some tips I am using to cope mentally that I thought may be helpful for others.

Bipolar Disorder

5 Ways To Build Confidence Each Day

I'm lucky in that I've always been a fairly confident person, although that confidence has grown increasingly as I've gotten older. Over the years I have actively worked on building confidence, especially when I'm in a depressive episode or am struggling with anxiety. I have found some ways to boost confidence that can be really helpful.