Bipolar Disorder

Why It’s OK To Feel Negative

I’m a very positive person by nature, I always have been. Even though I’ve been through a lot and go through a lot each day, I always try to keep getting on with things the best I can, to look on the positive side of things. I find humour in hard times and moments of joy during dark days; I find ways to keep going as much as I can and get on with my usual routine.

Bipolar Disorder

The Benefit Of Pets On Mental Health

Having animals in your home can be so beneficial to your mental health in so many ways. I’m sure there are plenty of studies on the subject that explain all about the endorphins released when you are petting an animal and the science behind it, but purely from experience and opinion alone, it’s easy to see a marked positive impact on my mental health and that of others  around me with animals around.