Bipolar Disorder

My Bipolar Journey: A New Beginning (Part 3)

A relationship ends

Unsurprisingly, the relationship I was in fell apart due to my erratic and difficult behaviour combined with my partner's inability to understand and cope with this, and I moved out of the place I shared with him. With the help of my parents, I moved into a lovely family’s home over the holidays and became a lodger with them so I could continue at university.

Bipolar Disorder

My Bipolar Journey: The Catalyst (Part 2)

Sadly, when the ways I was trying to cope became unsuccessful and in fact started to make things worse for me, I started to self-harm. I hurt myself for so many reasons: to punish myself for behaving the way I was; to have something that I could control in a sea of things that I couldn’t; to express the extreme hurt I was feeling inside on the outside as something I could see and at least deal with in some way.