Bipolar Disorder

Deteriorating Mental Health

I’ve been struggling to write something over the last week because I’m finding things really difficult right now, so I thought that I would be completely transparent  and write about what I am going through with my mental health.

Bipolar Disorder

Stigma and Mental Illness

There is so much stigma around mental illness and it’s vital that we break this down. There always has been this stigma throughout the years and although things have gotten gradually a little better, there is still far too much stigma where there should be none. In its place should be understanding, knowledge, support and acceptance.

Bipolar Disorder

World Mental Health Day 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day, a globally recognised day to talk about mental health, to raise awareness about it and to try to break down the stigma that is associated with it.

This should be something that is worked on every single day but having a day like this that draws attention to the subject, that gets people talking about it, can only be a good thing.

Bipolar Disorder

Why The Term ‘Recovery’ Doesn’t Work For Me

The word 'recovery' doesn’t work for me when it comes to my mental health and that’s fine. It may work for plenty of other people and that’s fine too. When I think of my Bipolar Disorder I know that it’s something that is life long; there is no cure for it and it’s something I’ve had to come to terms with. To me, that means that I can’t recover from it.

Bipolar Disorder

Dealing With Mood Changes

Rises and dips in mood have been a part of my life like a swinging pendulum, always there in the background threatening to swing forward and take over. It’s something that I’ve struggled with from being very young as part of my Bipolar Disorder and is something that I have been forced to develop strategies to deal with over time.

Bipolar Disorder

Coming To Terms With What You Can Achieve

One of the hardest things I’ve found about being diagnosed with a lifelong illness, whether this is a mental illness or a physical one, is the impact that can have on your life and your ability to function. It can change things so much, and while you are finding ways to deal with your symptoms and doing your best to cope, the dreams and goals that you had for your life can be set aside or become unrealistic.

Bipolar Disorder

Tips for Self Care

Self care is vital for everyone but it is especially important when it comes to chronic or mental illness. We go through so much in our day to day lives, making it even more important that we take care of ourselves and treat ourselves well.

Bipolar Disorder

How To Advocate For Yourself: 5 Tips

When you are attending medical appointments, it’s important that you are prepared to advocate for yourself to get the diagnosis and treatment that you need.

These tips can apply to any illness, not just Bipolar Disorder. I also use them for my Fibromyalgia and other mental illnesses. They can apply in any setting, whether this is with your local doctor, a specialist or with psychiatric services.