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20 Positives I’ve Seen Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

I know that there are so many negatives right now. To help myself (and maybe to help others) I wanted to mention some positives I’ve seen amidst all these really tough times. I know that even some of these positives can have negative sides if you search for them, but I hope you’ll join me in seeing the positives and finding some hope.

1. Families pulling together and enjoying spending time together

I’ve seen on social media, on the news and locally, families really pulling together to be there for one another, and making the most of the time they have to spend with one another. I’ve seen parents playing more games with their kids and enjoying the opportunity to be at home with them. I’ve seen older kids enjoying spending more time with their parents, finding ways to make it fun (like teaching their parents TikTok dances!) I know that even in my own life, I’m hearing more from family and friends and reaching out to them more regularly.

2. Neighbours reaching out to help one another

Neighbours are trying to help one another in the best way they can. Even some of those who don’t usually speak are banding together to get each other through this. I’ve made socially distanced contact with neighbours whose names I didn’t even know before this.

3.¬†Key workers keeping our world going even though they’re at risk

Key workers all over are continuing to work, even though they are at risk, in order to keep our world functioning. They are admirable, amazing people and their contribution is something inherently positive.

4. Clapping for the key workers

In the UK, the country has banded together to open their windows, stand outside their doors and clap for the key workers at 8pm on Thursday nights. Hearing so many people in the community getting involved all over the country to thank these amazing people is a wonderful, heartwarming experience.

5. People appreciating the simple things in life

People are starting to appreciate simple things so much more, appreciating what they have and finding joy in things like a good meal, talking to a friend, having people around them, their health, their daily form of exercise, listening to an amazing song or in my case, seeing some birds come to my bird feeder.

6. Charities trying to help those in need

I’ve seen many charities stepping up to try to help those who are vulnerable, alone, scared or who cannot get access to essentials. This is a beautiful thing.

7. The homeless being housed

In the UK, the homeless have been housed and very few people are on the streets in big cities in comparison to before the pandemic. Perhaps an overly optimistic view, but maybe this could change the way we help the homeless once this pandemic is over. We can hope.

8. The majority of people banding together to follow the rules and tackle this virus

The vast majority of people are banding together as a whole to stay at home, to follow social distancing rules, and to help us overcome this virus. Of course there are those who are not, but the majority are. That’s an amazing thing when you really think about it. We’re like one big team, all with the same goal, and despite it being hard, the majority of us are doing our part to win this battle.

9. Local businesses delivering food to care homes and those who are vulnerable

Both small local businesses and larger chains have taken part in delivering food and supplies to cares homes and to those who are vulnerable, as well as helping to provide essentials for many medical workers.

10. More animals being seen

In many places, since there have been fewer people out and about, animals have started to make a reappearance. Deer have been seen in London. Wild goats have taken over the streets in Wales. Even in my little world, we’ve never had even one bird to our bird feeder (we’re on a second floor flat next to a main road in a city), and now we’re getting lots of birds each day.

11. Pollution reduced

In some places in the world, pollution has been reduced and the air quality is cleaner.

12. Businesses stepping up to make and distribute products for the key workers

A lot of business are turning their resources to make supplies for key workers, such as hand sanitizer, face masks, scrubs and face visors.

13. Rainbows in windows

Children (and even some adults) are drawing rainbows and putting them up in their windows to cheer up those walking by.

14. Children singing outside care homes

I’ve seen multiple examples of children singing outside care homes for the elderly residents who are not able to have visitors, to lift their spirits.

15. Llamas outside care home windows!

I’ve even seen one story of an organization bringing llamas to the windows of a care home to brighten the residents day. You can check it out here.

16. People are putting on live shows online

Many people who were set to perform live, are instead putting on shows online. From live comedy and local musicians to bigger performances, they are lifting people’s spirits and providing some wonderful entertainment.

17. Supermarkets and shops protecting the elderly and vulnerable

Many shops have introduced specific shopping hours and online delivery slots for the elderly and vulnerable, doing the best they can to help them get the supplies they need.

18. Stories of love despite lockdown

I’ve seen stories of people falling in love despite lockdown. From TikTok, where 2 young people wrote signs to each other from their balconies, to people connecting through social media.

19. Community singing and dance parties

Lots of local communities are having socially distanced dancing, singing sessions or ‘happy hours’ from their balconies and gardens. Such fun! I’ve even seen pictures of people DJing, running bingo games, and even socially distanced street parties.

20. The potential that we will appreciate ‘regular’ life so much more in the future

Through all that we’re going through, and will likely continue to go through for a while, maybe once we come out of the other side, a lot of us may actually appreciate what we have in our day to day lives far more.

I’d love to hear what positives you’ve seen and discovered through all of this in the comments. Sending love to you all.

20 Positives I’ve Seen Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Ann-Marie D'Arcy-Sharpe

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