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A Letter To The Key Workers During Coronavirus

Dear key workers,

This is an open letter to you all, to pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude. Whether you work for the NHS, in retail, or any other key worker profession, I want you to know that the work you are doing is not taken for granted.

While much of the world is on lockdown, you are still working long hours to help us all survive, to help the world keep functioning. Without you, the world would come to a standstill. You are that important. The work you are doing is vital. You are saving lives, you are helping people to get the supplies they need, you are keeping people going.

It may feel as though you aren’t seen. It may feel as though you are working long hours and that your work is overlooked or taken for granted. I want you to know that I, and I’m sure so many other people, truly do appreciate what you are doing, more than we could ever say. None of us would be here without you.

Every time I read about someone in the hospital with coronavirus, I think about all of the workers who are making it possible for them to be cared for. I think about the sacrifices you are making not being with your own families, so that you can save the families of others. I think about how you must be exhausted, tired and frightened at times, yet you keep going and most of the time, I imagine you with a smile on your face to reassure those patients. I think about the nurses, the doctors, the porters, the cleaners, the paramedics: every person who is an integral cog in caring for terrified patients who would otherwise be alone. How incredible that there are people like you who are there for them.

When I receive food or a parcel in the post with essentials for my household, I think about all of the people who made it possible that I could get these deliveries to my door, even during these chaotic times. I think about the people who worked in the warehouse, the delivery drivers, the lorry drivers, the managers and shop workers, the cleaners and more! So many people who are working to make sure we can all get what we need as much as possible. I appreciate those supplies, I understand that not everybody can access them, I understand the effort it took to get them to me.

I think about the police force and the fire services, maintaining order and ensuring that as many people are safe and following the rules as possible. I think about the researchers trying to find new ways to fight this virus. I think of those who are trying to help the homeless and people in need during this time. I think about each and every person (if I haven’t mentioned your profession it’s not because you are overlooked, this letter is for all key workers) who is playing their part to fight this.

I want each and every one of you to know that somebody is thinking about you, that someone truly sincerely from the bottom of their heart is so deeply thankful for all that you are doing. I hope that you are able to find joy in these hard times, to nourish your own physical and mental health, and to find comfort when you need it.

You are seen.
Your work is appreciated.
You are all vital.
You are loved.
You are celebrated, cherished, and supported from afar.
You are a shining light in the darkness going on in the world right now.
I send you all of my love, and above all else, I thank you. 

My endless gratitude, admiration and appreciation,

Ann-Marie D’Arcy-Sharpe


I know I am not the only one who is thankful to these amazing key workers. Please share this far and wide, and drop your comments below to let them know just how grateful we all are for the work that they are doing.

A Letter To The Key Workers During Coronavirus

Ann-Marie D'Arcy-Sharpe

I am 32 years old. I live in Glasgow, Scotland UK with my husband and lots of lovely pets. I battle with Bipolar Disorder, fibromyalgia and arthritis. You can find my YouTube Channel here and you can also follow me on Twitter, here.

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