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World Mental Health Day 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day, a globally recognised day to talk about mental health, to raise awareness about it and to try to break down the stigma that is associated with it.

This should be something that is worked on every single day but having a day like this that draws attention to the subject, that gets people talking about it, can only be a good thing.

Everybody has mental health

All of us have mental health, even those of us who don’t suffer from a mental illness,  and it’s just as important as any other aspect of our health. It’s something that should be given just as much priority as our physical health.

Effective treatment needs to be available

For those of us with mental illnesses, we struggle to be given the treatment we need and this should not be the case. There are so many people struggling every day with such a wide range of mental illnesses and help should be readily available. Mental illness should be taken just as seriously as any physical illness. It is such a huge part of life, and there are so many people that are isolated, left to deal with their mental illness alone, not given the support they need and sadly, lost to their mental illness all over the world every day. This needs to change, it has to. It can’t keep going this way.

Stigma must be broken down

There is so much stigma around mental illness causing people to be judged for speaking out, making people reluctant to reach out for the help they need and nurturing ignorance around the subject of mental health instead of education and understanding.

The world needs to pay more attention to mental health and the stigma needs to be broken down so that it’s a more open, honest and normalized conversation in everybody’s lives. More education needs to be given in all walks of life so that people understand the value of mental health, can relate to those with mental illness, know how to support others and how to support themselves and to aid the wall of stigma being broken down.

No one should struggle alone

No one should be left to feel alone or to feel that there is no way to change things; no one should struggle and feel that there’s no point in reaching out for help because they won’t receive it; no one in a mental health crisis should be told that there’s nothing to be done to help them, and be left to feel complete despair on their own; no one should be judged because of an illness that is not their fault and that they are trying their best to deal with.

Things need to change and a day like this that opens the conversation about mental health on a big platform is something very valuable. On this day, I just wanted to write a post to add to the conversation and do my small part to raise awareness. It’s something that is close to my heart, as I know it is to many others.

We are mental health warriors

On this day and every other day, I want you to know that if you are struggling with mental illness, you are amazing. It’s so hard to keep going when your mind is fighting you, but we are mental health warriors and we fight on every single day. I want you to know that you are enough, that you are so strong, that you are so worthy and that you can keep going. There will be light ahead and you will find a way to keep moving forward, however hard it seems.

Today, take the time to do something nice for yourself, take the time to practice some self-care and take a moment to remember just how much you have been through and how completely amazing you are for coping with all that you do and for keeping going. You are truly wonderful.


World Mental Health Day 2018

Ann-Marie D'Arcy-Sharpe

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