Bipolar Disorder

10 Handmade Christmas Gifts For A Loved One With Mental Illness

Often financial pressure over Christmas can be really stressful; the pressure to 'keep up' with everyone else and give expensive gifts can be daunting and can make it tough to stay stable if you have a mental illness. For loved ones of someone with mental illness, they may not be sure what gifts they could give that would be helpful. Fear not, handmade gifts can be just as beautiful and even more special.

Bipolar Disorder

My Experience With Crisis Services

I’ve been struggling with the symptoms of my bipolar disorder since I was a pre-teen, despite only being diagnosed in my mid-twenties, so unfortunately, I’ve had plenty of experience with crisis services. I’ve experienced crisis services in hospital, through emergency services and through having a crisis team after my diagnosis. Some of these experiences have been absolutely horrendous and some have been literally lifesaving; sadly, the latter is in the minority.

Bipolar Disorder

25 Ways YOU Can Get Involved in World Mental Health Day 2019

World Mental Health Day is the 10th of October, this year’s topic is Suicide Prevention. It’s time to speak out, to get involved. I’ve compiled a list of practical ideas that you can get involved today, some more practical and some that can allow you to connect with how you are feeling and nurture your own mental health. These can also be used at any time, the conversation should be ongoing.