6 thoughts on “The Four Secrets to Being Hypomanic Successfully

  • April 7, 2012 at 6:30 am

    i thought i was going to read about all the ‘success’ that’s possible through managing that enormous energy & creativity through the mania state. I’ve made some amazing artwork when I’m ‘up’. Recognise, plan & do is the keu

    • April 7, 2012 at 2:44 pm

      Thanks for your comment Sarah. I have written many articles about what success is like, but this is the first actually telling the “how.” Please take a look at our list of articles. There are many about “why” we should do the work to have it under control.

      I completely agree with you, recognize (assess), plan and do are the keys. I add tools to the three because without them we have great goals and no way to carry them out.

      You may really enjoy our free concepts course at http://www.bipolaradvantage.com since it goes into detail about what is possible. It will really give you a feel for the many advantages to getting Bipolar IN Order instead of allowing it to remain in disorder. Please check it out.

  • April 8, 2012 at 5:43 am

    I read your last post with interest. I am not sure if, perhaps, I misinterpreted your main point. I felt that it was that hypomania was a state to enjoy and profit from being in.
    This post has me thinking your point was that hypomania is a good place in the bipolar cycle to take control of the disorder. If that is the case I agree 100 percent.
    I diagnosed with bipolar disorder, type 1 in 1982. I researched the disorder enthusiastically. The knowledge I gained taught me how to manage the disorder. I found that by far the best time to take control over the disorder was during a hypomanic episode. I have not had a true bipolar episode since 1997.

    • April 8, 2012 at 11:42 am

      Hi Ray. Yes, unfortunately you did misinterpret what I am saying. While the desire to have hypomania may be what motivates one to do the work, it is often the worst time to actually do it. Judgement is often impaired by the excitement of being there. That is why I make if very clear that you must master a 10% mania before even allowing a higher one. 10% is far below what most people are capable of recognizing.

      It takes the help of a trained professional to accurately do the assessments outlined in the article. I have yet to meet a hypomanic (out of thousands) who could accurately gauge his/her state before extensive training. Without clear assessment of awareness, understanding, functionality, comfort, value, and the role of time, it is potentially deadly to try to get it under control during a hypomanic episode. This thorough assessment needs to be done at multiple levels of intensity.

      By the time the untrained person recognizes hypomania it is too late. They typically think they are in control when nothing could be further from reality. Too many hypomanics have such a minimal understanding of functionality they think it means getting a lot of dishes washed.

      The best time to work on both depression and mania are when you are inside of your comfort zone and in control. Hypomania for most people is neither in control or comfortable when you consider the comfort zone being heavily weighted toward the comfort of others. If you are comfortable being high and everyone else is not, it is a sure sign that you are delusional. Those who achieve Bipolar IN Order find that the best time to do the work is actually during depressive states within the comfort zone, not hypomania. From that starting point the work happens just slightly outside of the comfort zone in a slightly deeper depression.

  • July 6, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    I would have to disagree with your last statement. I am bipolar an have been my whole life as I know it. Only six years ago was diagnosed. Took mess for one year an had lost all hope of ever feeling like me again. I for one live in a manic state most of the time an have learned when I’m “high” an “low” as for a % no you are correct I would not know 10% differences but very well know 50% an for me thats what I called “normal” for the last 32 years (I’m 40) an had really started to know I was different then everyone else at that point an was told “no you are normal just like everyone else” anyway , what I’m saying is it’s the depression cycles that get me an in no way am I able to clearly function and or even wanna be near people . I am a cyclist an ultra marathoner. So when reading that someone is “wrong” on what an how they have learned to work with BP is not a good thing. Also what is it with saying that knowing when you know a cycle is coming on (again having had it for ones whole life) but so damn proud you don’t dare wanna warn people ? I personally have FIRE-n-ICE tattooed on my hands an arms for the instant reminder I’m in it forever an it brings it up to people with out me having to . Really it’s to “break” the ice . But when one is clear an knows the up an the down may it be multiple times a day (me) or stints of a week to 6 months of manic with only short but very intense lows lasting from an hour to a week an some times multiple times a day . But understanding the signs an patterns of such ( includes seasons, food, relations and even the knowing somebody loves you ) all these make a difference. So please don’t tell me that I don’t understand my body or mind when 40 years I have thought I was “normal” an my life with every achievement was not understanding ? I’m sure there are many out there like my self raised to believe they too are “normal” an if in a up stage or down learned what leves an how long an the signs . I myself understood at such a level I would know by my sensitivity when I was about to go over 100% manic an do something extream, but also knew how to reach an keep myself there for long periods of time. Even with small to me all most none exestint cycles of low like crying an laughing outta the blue multiple times a day for a day . An knowing when this was apparent it was a couple days tell I would have to “rest” or I would make my self sick. Or what I always told myself. An on the money a point of mixed Would remind me to ween it back so not to dive to far in to a low. So again I am taking meds . The reason . My son. Just saying that makes me cry . If I don’t take them even just the lamictal I’m on .my ex believes because of all the medics saying an all the turmoil about bipolar does not believe I can control it . Even though she had been married to me an the bipolar was not what cause devoriced . But the constant put downs I was receiving from her about anything I did I could do better an make more money an work harder . SO DON’T TELL ME OR ANYONE ELSE they don’t know there body or them selves if that person has takin the time to understand an think they are NORMAL an everyone else is just missing out on the best HIGH a human being will ever have an learn to live with it everyday year round . Once an only that person admits they have a disorder . Being “in” or “out” is up to the person. An covering it up with addiction an lies won’t help but to embrace the power to accept it who we are. To me I like to think I’m lucky . I see things in a way most will never ever understand an have experanced such wonders most only see in dreams.

  • July 6, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    P.S. I understand a couple spelling errors in my post . But I’m sitting in a park after just had a night of mixed highs an lows. Waking up this morning with my girlfriend an having her say “Dave. You are an amazing man an I love you , for all that you are .” this after I “recognized” a mixed cycle at about a 20% creeping up to 50% before we were about to watch a movie . But before her going to bed telling her I was in such a state an I needed to “transition” a bit before heading to bed . An waking up refreshed an smiling with her. So please be carefull on how you tell someone that that don’t understand them selves an that most work in a depressive state. That’s just plain rude an not a truth but an opinion. For one who would even want to stay in a depressed state of mind all the time? Someone that’s convinced that’s the best? Or that for them it’s how it is? I for one perform much better at manic an have for many years. As a mechanic, it works . Only when cycles of depression has my life been the hardest to deal with an take so much learning.


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