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Archives for April, 2010

I Love My Bipolar Hallucinations

This video is a segment of a one-hour DVD based on the book Bipolar In Order: Looking At Depression, Mania, Hallucination, And Delusion From The Other Side.

\"I Love My Bipolar Hallucinations\" on YouTube

Although most people who experience delusions and hallucinations react to them in negative ways, it seems that the definition may be creating a false linkage. It could be that hallucinations and delusions are the only symptoms, and everything else is a reaction to these states. Is it true that the only...
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Depression Made Me Do It

I got some interesting feedback on my recent post about A New Perspective, so I tried posting the same video and article on LinkedIn to see what they think. It was very interesting how that community responds completely differently (and a great future topic to post about), but one particular comment struck a cord with me that I have not been able to let go of. It has me thinking a lot about what depression feels like and how we define it.

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