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How to Live With Greater Purpose and Significance

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“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” – Wayne Dyer

Do you ever feel like something is missing from your life? Like there is a void that isn’t being filled by your current life experience?

This feeling of dissatisfaction is not uncommon. Many people go through life without clarity on what they really want.

This makes sense considering there are so many paths we can take, and so many distractions that steal our attention from what is most meaningful.

We all need a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives however, and we play an active role in creating this.

One avenue to help us reclaim more significance and meaning is to clarify and seek out our values.

Pinpoint your values

Your values are the way your think and act that are most important to you. Determine what’s most important to you. Don’t hold back. Be honest. What are your true authentic values? Not the values presented by the media or the expectations placed upon your from your family.

Here are a few questions that might help.

What motivates me to get up in the morning?

What keeps me up at night?

When am I the happiest?

What am I doing when I’m at my best?

What are some things you have done that you feel good about?

What bothers you the most?

Having professional guidance to uncover our values can be helpful. But if you’re not willing to take that step right now, here is a values clarification worksheet to help you make some headway on your own.

Create opportunities to live from your values

Once you have awareness of your values it’s time to seek them out or incorporate them in your life. Your current habits and routine may not be supporting what is most important to you, so start considering how you can live in greater alignment with your values.

Make a list of all the possible ways you can incorporate your values into your life.

What activities, people, places, and events align with your values?

What would someone with your values do? How would they live their life?

Prioritize your values

Just because you know when and where you can live with more purpose doesn’t mean it will be easy to change your routine and habits.

If you aren’t currently living a values based life it will probably require some discipline and intention to change your habits.

In order to achieve a more purposeful life you may have to let go of what is getting in the way and make more room for what you want to let in.

You have to make the choice to shift your time and energy to the aspects of your life that really matter.

Are you ready to do that?

What can you minimize in your life that is getting in the way?

Pinpointing our values and living life accordingly in an active and ongoing process. Our values change throughout life.

This is not a one-and-done process, so don’t get discouraged if this is something you reevaluate at a later time.

For now, simply start charting your path to greater purpose and significance.


How to Live With Greater Purpose and Significance

Joe Wilner

Joe Wilner is a life coach, licensed clinical psychotherapist (LCP), and drummer from the band Yes You Are. He is also creator of You Have a Calling, a blog and online community helping people discover and pursue their life’s work and mission. Through deep and personalized coaching, he helps ambitious, creative, and spiritually minded individuals make a greater impact, grow as leaders, and design a soulful life they are inspired by.

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