About Being Borderline & Sonia Neale

From Sonia Neale:

If there is stigma within the general community about mental illness, then there is a special type of stigma within mental health services for people with Borderline Personality Disorder. Often there is a misconception that all people who suffer from BPD are low functioning. In fact, there are some high functioning people in the professional services whom you would not suspect have a BPD diagnosis. Outward appearances can be very deceiving because with enough stress and pressure their internal thought processes and sense of self and the world can fragment and disintegrate without any external actions or behavior.

There are also people who find it difficult to function outside a hospital setting; as well as everyone else in-between. No two BPD presentations look alike yet we mostly hear described the ‘acting out’ type of BPD presentations. BPD can be perceived as an untreatable, incurable and unrecoverable disorder.

I’m here to tell you that it is not. Initially devastated, then curious, my fighting spirit rose and I fiercely embraced my diagnosis, worked through all nine symptoms (as well as some the DSM V does not mention) and live a well, recovered life.

This blog will discuss the process from diagnosis and recovery and everything else in between. I am thankful for my diagnosis as it has shaped and informed my life for the better.

Sonia Neale was recently awarded the SANE Australia Inaugural Hocking Fellowship to study and research Borderline Personality Disorder overseas in the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland.

Her previous Psych Central blog was called Therapy Unplugged. She is the author of two books, The Bad Mother’s Revenge and Death by Teenager, both published by ABC Books/Harper Collins.

She lives in Western Australia, is married with three adult children, has studied psychoanalytic psychotherapy, has a Certificate IV in Mental Health and is studying for a Psychology/Counselling degree. She currently works as a peer support worker in the mental health field. Her website address is www.sonianeale.com.

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