When The Ship Goes Down

As you all know, I will be the first to admit, being bipolar isn't always as beautiful as I can make it sometime sound.(I am also aware that I can make it sound wretched, and for that, I apologize it). But we fall somewhere in the middle on...


Who Is The President?

Sorry for my absence, dear reader. I went through something I never have before. I've written before about side effects - fatigue, upset stomach, blurred vision, etc. Something much more severe happened on the twenty fifth of last month.

It started Monday without my knowledge. I took my mom to the doctor's office. She later told me that I swerved off the road six times. Dangerous! Then that evening I asked what time we had to...



It's back. That dark monster that latches to my back puling me down, down, down. It seems like a few days ago I was "normal." I was coasting on a smooth lake. Now there are capsize waves and crashing foam.

Now it's dark pits that...


Picking Your Support System

I can't count the number of times my psych doctor of over a year has asked me if I am relying on my support system. He asks who they are. H reminds me how important they are in managing my mental illnesses. He is...


Then There Were Whole Lot Of “F” Bombs Thrown

I woke up much like any other day this month. Unhappy, soul-cringingly unhappy. This is the kinda hurt you feel when that first girl you love kisses another guy after you two are over.  I felt a chaffing in my mind. I felt like my fingernails were on fire. I felt like everything that could be wrong with the world, in fact, was.

So, acting in such a maniacal way, I quit my meds. "That's that,"...