I know depression #DayOfLight


I hear that word a lot. You think it's brave that I write this blog. You think it's brave that I have come out of the "bipolar closet." You find my honesty akin to bravery.

Thank you for that, but it doesn't always feel brave. It feels intimidating and vulnerable and uncomfortable a lot of the time. But I do it because I know I am not alone. You've reached out to me, dear reader, and told...


Supporting Someone with Bipolar Disorder

Being beautifully bipolar isn't always easy. And as tough as it can be for me to handle this illness, it can be just as tough on my loved ones. I was recently interviewed and asked what advice I would give to a loved one of someone with bipolar disorder and that got me thinking about it. We bipolars want what everyone wants - to be loved and accepted. Sometimes we think we are harder...


Caffeine and Bipolar Disorder Follow-up

Boy, oh boy, did you guys eat up the "Caffeine and Bipolar Disorder" post! A ton of views and a ton of comments - which brings me to this: I am not a professional. What I write on this blog are my own experiences. I cannot speak for the entire bipolar community, but I can tell you what has happened to me. I can talk about what it is like to live with bipolar...


Sensory Overload

I used to be somewhat of a socialite. I was an editor of magazine in Austin, Texas and was always out moving and shaking. I attended art openings, balls (yes, actual balls), fashion shows, parties. In my spare time I went out and listened...


Caffeine and Bipolar Disorder

I used to be an avid coffee drinker, like, for years I had my morning latte or cup of hazelnut coffee and perhaps a pick-me-up in the afternoon. I drink my coffee slowly at home, filling the cup only half full at a time, adding cream, then usually pouring the cool remainder out before refilling it again. I like my coffee hot or iced, not lukewarm. No sugar, please. I enjoy my coffee dates.

But a...


You Can Thrive with Mental Illness

I get messages sometimes from readers of this blog who don't seem to understand what I mean when I say I live and thrive with OCD, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.
There was a time, at the beginning of all this, that I don't think I even believed in the word thrive anymore. Because, you see, I had lived a wonderfully successful life - good jobs, good friends, hot dates, world travel....


When Everything Irritates Me

I found myself taking a lot of slow breathes in and out yesterday. You see, that nasty thing I've written about before - Bipolar Irritability - reared its ugly head. Everything pissed me off - that is rained so I couldn't go to the beach, kids kept coming in and out of the house causing the dogs to go crazy each and every time (cue loud barking of two BIG dogs),...


Anxiety and Agoraphobia

I have anxiety disorder and it all started around the time I broke up with an abusive boyfriend. After the breakup he started to harass me and spread lies about me and pop up at my home having driven 7 hours from his own. It got bad. Really bad. The police became involved. I was scared. All. The. Time. And so I began to have panic attacks in the grocery store. I spent nights at...


Do you tell your date you have bipolar disorder?

Sharing your mental illness diagnosis is a very personal thing. Who you tell and how you tell them is completely up to you. So, do you have to tell your date you have bipolar disorder?

There are a few things to consider. The first is this horrible thing called stigma. Some people will think you are less of a person because you have a mental illness. Some people would rather not date someone with a...