Weathering The Bipolar Storm

Bipolar is as intense as it is beautiful. What makes bipolar beautiful, you ask? So much. In my life I have been lucky to know that some people think I am the most interesting person they've ever known. To borrow Kay Jamison phrase, if...


When The Ship Goes Down

As you all know, I will be the first to admit, being bipolar isn't always as beautiful as I can make it sometime sound.(I am also aware that I can make it sound wretched, and for that, I apologize it). But we fall somewhere in the middle on...


Who Is The President?

Sorry for my absence, dear reader. I went through something I never have before. I've written before about side effects - fatigue, upset stomach, blurred vision, etc. Something much more severe happened on the twenty fifth of last month.

It started Monday without my knowledge. I took my mom to the doctor's office. She later told me that I swerved off the road six times. Dangerous! Then that evening I asked what time we had to...