ECT And Me

Sorry I was away for a bit, dear reader. I went through some med changes, thus head changes and was confused and out of sorts, but I feel like things are becoming more under control now.

This week I went to a renowned teaching university...


Happy Birthay, Elaina J

Tomorrow, April twenty first, is my thirty eighth birthday. In a way, I never thought this day would come. At the end of my twenties I was in the dark pit of depression. I was living with my parents. I did not want to...


Accepting The Label Of Bipolar Disorder

In the late 2000s was when I first tried to kill myself.  I was committed for the standard 72 hours under suicide watch. No one could explain how my happiness, stress and eventual suicide attempt went together. Depression they said. Obviously depression. I tried...


Project Semicolon

Rarely do I write a provocative blog post, but today I will. This will make some of you mad, but it is my personal opinion. Many of you will write comments of offense and that is okay. I like hearing what you think, the...