Project Semicolon

Rarely do I write a provocative blog post, but today I will. This will make some of you mad, but it is my personal opinion. Many of you will write comments of offense and that is okay. I like hearing what you think, the...


Disgusting Isolation

I literally just had to count the days since my last shower, it has been that long. I know, I am disgusting. It was last weekend sometime for sure. Today is Wednesday. I have not showered in half a week and if I did...


Special K

For some of us, it seems as though we have literally tried everything and the list is long Prozac, Zoloft. We try the well-known medications and then we begin to try the harder stuff. Yet nothing quenches that darkness, nothing eliminates the numbness to...


Losing Your Friends To Bipolar Disorder

Unfortunately, it started at the beginning, before I was actually diagnosed, before my mom and I sat opposite a psychiatrist who uttered the word "bipolar," a word I didn't know and soon wouldn't want to know. (This is all before the beautiful stuff started).