One thought on “Bipolar Disorder And A Higher Power

  • September 29, 2019 at 2:17 am

    Thanks so much for discussing this!

    I have struggled with the idea of a Higher Power (HP). I am in a 12 Step program, where each of us can come to our own understanding of HP. The HP of my understanding is with me in good times and bad. It is I who abandon HP, not HP who abandons me. My HP doesn’t punish and didn’t cause my bipolar and anxiety. My HP is a source of comfort and inspiration and has been with me in some dark times, when people were not helpful or looked away. My HP is like “Footprints in the Sand,” when during my times of suffering, when I could see only one set of footprints, it was then that HP carried me. I have experimented with believing in this HP or not believing over a period of time. For me, I have found that I do better with less suffering when I believe and pray than when I don’t believe and don’t pray. I try to keep my faith in HP simple and not spend a lot of time ruminating about HP. The positive results for me are what count. I don’t have a good support system, and my mental health providers come and go at the facility where I go. HP is with me 24/7, if I am willing to communicate with HP. Sometimes I am angry or frustrated, and my HP doesn’t abandon me, even when I may be angry at HP. I am trying to make praying for help and guidance more of a habit and part of my life because I can forget to do so, especially when things are temporarily going well. I don’t pray for material things–praying for help in coping, for gratitude for what I have, for peace of mind, for calmness in mental storms, and for guidance when I am overwhelmed and lost are more important for me than stuff. My prayers are not always answered or not answered or not answered the way I want but I have learned that is OK, too. Just asking in prayer and letting go of the results is a relief and worthwhile for me. Thanks again for your post!


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