8 thoughts on “Lifetime’s “The Girl He Met Online”

  • February 9, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    How annoying. The perpetuation of this image is what makes it difficult to “come out of the [bipolar] closet”.

    Did they show how she improved after going on meds and was able to have a normal relationship?

    This is a real illness. There should be free airtime for a public service announcement before or during the program to educate the public and let them know that the portrayal of this character was created with artistic license, and is not actually what this illness looks like.

  • February 15, 2014 at 11:45 am

    While you yourself may not have had episodes where you were extremely violent there are others that are/were.

    Un-medicated I would fly into fits of rage, throwing things, large things at people. Starting physical and emotionally scarring fights. Screaming and I don’t mean yelling. I even tried to strangle my mother once.

    While movies like this do us no favors, they sadly can be very accurate.

  • July 31, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    I felt nothing but anger after watching this. I have bipolar, so yes I have my highs as well as my lows, but this film was not about a person with bipolar at all. If people who don’t understand bipolar watch this film, then people like me dont stand a chance in society today. The film has just created a person that is happy one minute then killing someone the next. Its not true to life at all. My family dont understand bipolar, and I certainly wont let them watch this film as a guide, or they will think im some kind of serial killer. This person didnt take any meds considering she worked in a doctors surgery, her doctor lover didnt even notice what was wrong with her. If ur on meds im nothing like this person. I just wish there was a really good film out there that would depict bipolar accurately!!

  • September 9, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    More like “The Psychopath I Met Online.” I don’t suffer from mental illness but I’ve known (and been the victim of!) people who do, and there’s nothin’ in this movie but psychopathy, and some major Borderline. As a bored chick with an exam I’m trying to procrastinate for, this is exactly the kind of LMN crap I wanted to watch, but as a feminist and someone with compassion for people with mental illness, it is absolutely infuriating. And wrong! So wrong. LMN is supposed to be “for women,” but it helps perpetuate the stereotypes that women are crazy, expect romance and/or material goods from physical intimacy, or easily fall victim to violent and manipulative men. Someone should write a Sociology thesis about LMN… Or maybe someone has already?

  • March 7, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    March 07, 2017…just watched the movie, “The Girl He Met Online”. For me, the most chilling and unexpected was the train whistle during the credits. It is the same whistle during the movie, “In the Heat of the Night”, right. But, there are other movies where the SAME whistle comes in between here and there. Lee Grant was pushed down stairs, Montreal, 1966 by a set of girls, not just one, but a set, much like Gillian, right? They are not manic depressive exactly. The main girl was Polish/negro that controlled the others but the personality is the same as Gillian..a female with no remorse. Some psychiatrists describe them as people with, “angel faces”…above and beyond approach…a perfect look. Lee Grant’s interest in such females, started at a very young age, but in the movie, “The wicked seed”, screen writer Lee Grant wrote in an expression by a said character psychiatrist, “it is like they were born blind”…there is no guilt, no remorse…no this Gillian did the part perfectly…controlled language, controlled eye movement, lip movement, body, ready to execute, pardon, control, sentence anyone that goes against HER grain. It is said that the woman that pushed Lee Grant down the stairs, later, poured gas on her daughter, cause the her daughter would not let her see the granddaughter. Even after this, it is said, that the daughter that survived, accidentally fell from a balcony to her death because, “she was changing a life bulb”, right? Cases contained and held by Montreal, Quebec, lawyers. And, well, Lee Grant….time for the whistle. You did good, “Gillian”(actress).

    • March 7, 2017 at 9:06 pm

      Lee Grant wrote the script for, “American Graffiti” and assigned several directors to come up with parts for the movie. Someone like, Gillian showed up…up in the stands..rite there (this was after Lee Grant had been pushed down a flight of stairs in Montreal 1966. Comes forth, “In the Heat of the Night”. The poor whites were upset, during the filming, which lasted only 2 days, that “negros” had been given “new clothes”. Why are you so upset? “Because the rich whites buy new clothes, us poor whites buy the used clothes and the negros buy the clothes from us.” Then, they came…actors hoping for a part in the movie…and they forced a race riot…and there she was, this “Gillian” controlling the mob…rushing the mob. Lee Grant was tied to rail road tracks. But, hey, Lee is Sioux/Algonquin/Uk, you know, the First Nations people that were taught to walk on the fire ambers…as a signal that they are stronger then the pain. A dislodged wrist, broken on purpose…but Lee knows exactly the type of said white people …it is a Gillian and she is not manic depressive. Just in case, one wonders, why, “the train whistle” during the credits of “The psychopath I met on line.” Manic depressives are not psychopaths. If there is one, there are other health issues.

  • April 10, 2017 at 1:33 am

    As much as I understand anyone with bipolar wanting to vent about this movie, please understand the pain others suffer are far more real than you will ever want to admit to..it’s too tough to have to live with the shame and guilt for sure. I am such a victim as I write you here in real time and would be more than happy to discuss one on one because we must see all sides not just our defenses. With that said, if you are on meds I pray with you. Should you deny treatment and meds don’t look for sympathy and understanding for your behavior because you are destined to destroy. Granted not serial killers but you can still destroy hearts, loves, family and lives.
    I still love my wife but yet her illness has made me the enemy just for loving and wanted to care and help. That’s the part that hurts me more than her betrayal without remorse or regret. I remain in shock as it has been over 200 since she has made continue but continue to post herself on online dating sites when we are still married. I just want a divorce at this point and she won’t even communicate. I have already loss everything due to her illness…can I at least keep my pride of not seeing my wife whore herself online>

  • November 7, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    So let me get this right… you suffer with something and because your symptoms aren’t as severe as the woman depicted in this movie, you think you are different. The same diagnosis leads to many different things for different people . So imagine you were that young woman, and relized the pain of finding out what you did in a bad moment. It’s a mental health issue.you are more worried about what others may think of you , than fighting your own label that other uneducated people give you. Sorry, but you should be thankful that you arent as severe, if you suffer from this illness. Thank God really! It angers me to see someone suffering from such illness, calling someone with different levels of severity basically an embarrassment. If you ask me, people hate in others the parts they don’t like about themselves. So maybe should work on that!


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