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5 Tips To Seeking Help For Bipolar Disorder

First of all, you are not weak. You do not only to think you a burden to others, you are important. Sometime we all need a little help. That is okay. That I probably the hardest thing you can do when you are living with bipolar disorder. Here are five things you can try in your search for help.

  1. Try to find a psychiatrist.
    It has been my experience it that this can be a grueling process. First of all, we need to find if our insurance is taken. If so, make an appointments. This is a really crappy part of the process because usually it can be a few months before you can even see him or her.
  2. Find a therapist.
    This is a little easier, but still hard  to find a therapist. You can contact your insurance company and ask then to provide us with a little of potential psychologists or LCSW. Once we find someone we need to found out if we clique. My rule of thumb is give it three tries. If we do not feel like you are compatible, cut the cord and find someone else. Like I said, make sure they accept our insurance because this can be expensive and some come companies only allow so many appointments.
  3. Friends to lean on
    Ah yes, friends. Making and keeping friends is hard when you live with bipolar disorder. First of all, you must deal the angst of being brave enough to decide when you should tell a new person in your life. That is the million dollar question. I can’t tell you that. When you get comfortable enough to trust, then maybe it is time. I always hope to make it to four dates, but that usually does not happen.
    Also, friends can be shitty. Sometimes our illness is just too much for our friends to deal with it. This is stigma and I HATE stigma. They may slowly, or quickly, ease out of our lives. Do not feel that there is something wrong with you, because there is not, you are simply being beautifully bipolar.
  4. Find someone in your family to trust
    Family, likes friends, can be a bit tricky to navigate. Unfortunately, everyone found out before I left the hospital that I was mentally ill. My mom wanted pray requests and had some friends and family knowing what was going on. My parents have always been my best supporters. I know they always mean well. Some people in my family do not “get it.” I wrote my memoir and some of my family members, have not found the time read it.
  5. Look for group therapy
    My mom went to National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) sessions so she could understand me and my bipolar disorder better. There are several national organizations to try: DBSA (Depressions Bipolar Support Alliance) It made me feel so crazy because there were other people just like me. I was involved in group therapy when I was locked in the psych ward the first time. Personally I do not like group therapy unless we are doing occupationally, like art therapy. Also, your clinic where you see your therapist of psychiatrist may have groups that meet.
5 Tips To Seeking Help For Bipolar Disorder

Elaina J. Martin

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