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Trapped By Bipolar Disorder

Being beautiful bipolar can make us feel trapped. We lose a bit of our freedom. We are trapped by the medicine we take. I have to take medication with me when I am a am going to be away from home so I can keep my schedule tight. Psych appointments confine us. For me it  every week I see my psychiatrist and every two weeks I see my therapist. That is a lot of time taken from me a month.

Sometimes things that happen on the news can scare us. Or if we have an anxiety disorder, like a lot of us do, social events can be hard. I avoid places and events where there will be a lot of people because I feel like I can’t get out. I was, for a stretch of time, agoraphobic. I did my best not to leave my tiny efficiency apartment. Sometimes I would get downstairs to the parking lot then march back up to the safety of my apartment. today, when I feel extreme anxiety, I just want to be at home with my dogs.

Here are a few things you can do when the world outside seems just too big and scary.

This is a relatively inexpensive hobby. There are a ton of adult color books. Just grab some colored pencils and go to town. It is relaxing and causes our mind to focus on something else, something other than being anxious.

Personal Hygiene
Sometimes when we are stuck in our homes and have nowhere we need to be, we let personal hygiene slip. Our hair gets a little greasy and we may start to smell a little stinky. I know it is hard to shower. I know it is. But once we are in the shower we will wonder why did we not do it sooner. Then you should brush your teeth. Do your hair. Just pretend we are leaving and that we need to get ready for such activity. I believe if you feel good about the way you look, others will too.

There are so many crafts we could start channeling our inner (or outer) artist. Use old magazines – cut them up and make storyboards. Learn to knit or crochet using the Internet. You can order craft things to be delivered from a lot of different retailers. Start a blog.

Movies & Television
Now, I am not encouraging any of us to become couch potatoes, but sometimes we need a good laugh or cry, and movies can provide that. It also helps me with hallucinations because it is demands two of my senses – auditory and sight.

There are a ton of people out there that feel exactly the way we do. Bipolar disorder is not a singular condition. Millions of other people are beautifully bipolar. Here on PsychCentral we have forums for you to ask questions and get answers. I am a member of two groups on Facebook. Be careful, though, some groups, wherever they are on the Internet, may be triggering. Usually there is an admin checking what is posted.

I welcome you to come out of your homes every now and then. No one is going to come walk up to your day and ask to be your friend, you have to try. But it also okay to take a breather, just do not get stuck.

Trapped By Bipolar Disorder

Elaina J. Martin

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