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Who Is The President?

Sorry for my absence, dear reader. I went through something I never have before. I’ve written before about side effects – fatigue, upset stomach, blurred vision, etc. Something much more severe happened on the twenty fifth of last month.

It started Monday without my knowledge. I took my mom to the doctor’s office. She later told me that I swerved off the road six times. Dangerous! Then that evening I asked what time we had to get up in time to go to her appointment the next day. She told me that we had already gone that morning.

I went home and by the next afternoon I was severely confused. Things just weren’t making sense to me. I called my psychiatrist and he told me to go to the emergency room so I called my parentsĀ and my dad came over to pick me up. I checked in and we waited forever, like you always do in an emergency room unless you are bleeding.

Finally they called me back and here things get a little more blurry. I ended up in a hospital gown. I was wheeled off for a cat scan to make sure nothing physical was causing the confusion. Vials of blood were taken. I was put in a tiny room and my dad stayed with me.

Then they came in with news. The good: The cat scan came back clean so there was nothing physically wrong with my head. The bad: I would have to stay for observation. I began to cry because everyone had assured me I wouldn’t have to stay at the hospital.

In addition, when I first arrived they asked me a series of questions – did I know where I was – no, did I know what year it was, 1998?, who was the president, some guy with bad hair and was orange, close enough in my book. There were more questions, many of which I could almost grasp the answer, but it was just out of touch.

An IV was inserted and it hurt because it was too tight. All night long they woke me up to check my vitals so, needless to say, I didn’t get too much sleep. Then unfortunately I had to stay a second night. I was just glad to be there in my own private room, not far from the bathroom, and not in the psych ward.

It turns out I had a horrible reaction to a medication called cogentine. I had started taking it about a week prior to this cofused state I had. Either it was the medication alone or it caused a reaction with one or more of the other medications I take. Whatever the reason, the doctors immediately took me off the medication.

After two nights under observation, they released me from the hospital. I was still confused about some things and feeling unwell. I was still quite lethargic so my psychiatrist and I lowered the doses of several medications. I am feeling much better today.

I still take a nap everyday and go to bed early, but that is just what works for me. If you ever find yourself in a state of such confusion, I urge you to get help.

Who Is The President?

Elaina J. Martin

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