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And I Am An Expert?

People call me a “mental health expert” or an “expert on bipolar disorder.” I have been interviewed a lot. I have been asked to share my thoughts. I have been paid for both and for each I answer with my honest thoughts and opinions. Sometimes my “expertise” is given freely. Sometimes I just wanna talk about shit and how mental illness and the system all go down.

And maybe I am an expert. Perhaps I am. I know the ins and the outs of the illness. I have lived it at least for 11 years. 4 suicide attempts later. 5 billion (I exaggerate) medication cocktails later. More therapists than I can remember. Yeah, I know my shit.

But you know what? Who’s to say you are not an expert too? I mean, we all experience being beautifully bipolar. We know the endless abyss of depression. We know the glorious high of mania. And , thank you sweet Lord, that we get to feel plain ole normal from time to time.

So don’t you dare put me on any kind of pedestal. You and I are the same, perhaps I’ve been sicker longer, maybe you have. It isn’t a competition. It is life. I just hope that I can offer some type of hope to you as you navigate this illness. Being beautifully bipolar is a wild ride. I just fight the stigma.

And I Am An Expert?

Elaina J. Martin

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